10 Things To Know Before Buying Used Truck Tires

Secret Tips How to Choose the Best Truck Tire

However, if the vast majority of issues are caught while they are still minor, it will be far more cost effective than waiting until the problem is big. Which is a greater inconvenience, having a truck out of service for a few hours or loads not being delivered because the truck broke down en route?

Also as touched on earlier, if the fleet vehicle is not properly maintained there are legal liabilities connected as well. If the accident investigation finds that the vehicle wasn’t properly maintained, deemed not road worthy, you may face prosecution for a negligent act, which you failed to prevent.

There is fleet maintenance software and other programs available to aid in the tracking and recording of maintenance. But remember it isn’t just your service department’s responsibility. Every driver and every manager/supervisor is personally responsible to ensure the safe and roadworthiness of their assigned vehicles.

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Check the status of tires on a monthly base

Though it has been said to make sure you have and follow a preventative maintenance schedule. Routine monthly checks need to be made to ensure the tires are in good condition. Check for uneven wear and tear, balding, bubbles or other issues. Check the air pressure and ensure it is within the manufacturer’s recommendation. And remember tell your drivers to check their tires!

So you think you know tires… let’s see take this quiz offer by The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA).


By choosing the right tires for your truck you will always be one step ahead, and when on top of that you add the regular preventive maintenance program you will find out that is well worth the investment.

If you can’t afford the top quality then go for the next one down, but don’t buy the cheaper one, unless you have to!

This way you will minimize downtime, increase equipment lifespan, save fuel and most important then everything increase your profit.



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