Conestoga Trailer: 10 Things You Need To Know

If you have been asking yourself the question- How profitable are Conestoga Trailers? I will try to give you a short answer and explanation.

Since this specialized type of trailer is providing a safe, and secure transportation of heavy equipment, playground equipment, and other uncommon loads, promptly it makes Conestoga trailer to be one of the most requested trailers in the trucking industry in the last decade.



Thereupon, as the necessity of the services that these trailers provide increases, reciprocal to that most of the trucking companies are starting to change the load prices.

So, the trucking companies that have Conestoga Trailer in their fleet, in the past few years luckily have had escalation in the profit. The augmentation of the profit that the trucking companies are achieving is forward looking both for the company owners, as well as for the truck drivers.

Hence, the truck drivers that are operating with Conestoga trailer not only that they are receiving higher salary than the truck drivers that are operating with conventional type of trailers, but also they are being able to load the freight easily.

In addition to that fact I would like to point out that this trailer has been manufactured and designed in a way that it offers empyrean security, and smooth operation. All these facts lead to increased productivity and therefore increased productivity both for truck drivers, and for company owner’s means more money.




All in all we can enumerate and see that adding a Conestoga trailer to your fleet, or applying for  a job opportunity as a Conestoga trailer driver, can bring a lot of money in your pocket.

I firmly believe that this type of specialized trailer is the most virtually maintenance free, and totally ground operated.

Last but not least-one more feature that makes this trailer to be profitable is it’s aerodynamically designed to reduce the fuel efficiency.

7. Where To Buy Conestoga Trailer?

If you are looking to enlarge your fleet with a Conestoga trailer than you should know that the process of choosing the right one is not that easy.

Since these trailers are highly specialized, and have specific details and specifications, it requires more detailed inspection than if you were buying another type of trailer.

So as you know so far, when searching for any type of trailer it is a “must” that you perform a detailed research about all available dealerships that can be found nearby, as well as of all the manufacturers that are manufacturing these types of trailers.

Later-on the very first thing that you will have to do is to choose wisely, because not all dealerships are offering quality trailers, as well not all of them are providing the right information about the history, and background of the trailers and the trucks.




One of the best known manufacturers of Conestoga trailers in USA are Aero. As a global leader in the manufacturing industry of tarp systems -Aero has been serving the trucking industry since 1944. This manufacturer would make the best choice if you are looking to buy a Conestoga trailer, since the trailers that this company is manufacturing are ranked as the best.

Alongside with this Conestoga manufacturer, in USA we can find many more manufacturers of this kind of trailers, each one of these companies is manufacturing their Conestoga trailers with their specific designs, materials, as well as specifications, but still the base of the Conestoga stays the same.

Nonetheless, if you want to buy a Conestoga and you are in a lack of time- the final option would be- to do a research of this type of trailers online.

Almost all truck and trailer manufacturers, as well as truck and trailer dealers have their own websites, where you can do a detailed research, and find more information about the trailer that you are interested in the most.

Still at the end after you find the Conestoga that can meet your criteria and needs, it is essential that you perform a detailed inspection of the trailer. This inspection is essential because if the trailer that you like has some hidden damage, than you will have to repair it, and no one likes adding up additional costs to their credit cards.

8. Pros And Cons Of Owning Conestoga Trailers


When trucking company owners’ are thinking about adding a Conestoga Trailer to their fleet, straight proportionally to that they are thinking about earning enormous amount of money.

Moreover I will start this part of the article with the positive side of owning Conestoga Trailers. By all means it has been notified in the past decade that in the trucking industry the demand of this kind of trailer has increased, and I firmly believe that it is a result of the time-efficiency altogether with the safety that this trailer is offering.

Yet, unlike a decade ago- nowadays this trailer is bringing a lot of money to trucking companies, and the truck drivers of Conestoga trailers have achieved incredible 40% increase of their salary.

Yes, in a view of the truck driver’s salary you might say that the increase depends from the type of freight that he is transporting, but still at the end of the day no matter what kind of loads they have been transporting their salary will still be higher than the salary of the other truck drivers.

Later-on, owning a Conestoga trailer not only that will bring you more money than other trailers would, but also it will bring you less obligations for maintenance. Conestoga being almost maintenance free makes the perfect fit to any fleet, represents an amazing and ultimate specialized trailer at the same time.

If we make comparison between the positive and the negative sides that this trailer brings, we can see crystal clear that the positive sides are the ones that are way more dominant.

So if you choose a Conestoga trailer manufactured from one of the best manufacturers you will witness that you won’t experience any cons of owning it, in fact it can bring numerous advantages for your trucking company.



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