Discover How To Improve The HVAC Solutions That Your Company Is Providing


In addition, the ductless heating and cooling pump or air conditioner most commonly consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit that can be combined with an outside compressor.

By that, we can see that the air ducts that have long been a part of most homes’ heating and cooling systems will be left in the past.


The ductless heating and cooling systems will definitely contribute in a large amount in improving your HVAC solutions.

At the same time, your customers are going to love it since the ductless heating and cooling does away with the tubes that pass through the walls- which have long been causing problems such as mold and were developing inconvenient leaks.

In addition, this HVAC solution will as well provide your customers with high energy-efficiency.


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Consider Intelligent HVAC Systems

Programmable thermostats have started revolutionizing the HVAC solutions.

Simply said, the intelligent HVAC technology provides sensing and software solutions. These sensing and software solutions are being adopted by more and more customers these days.

It is so, mainly because it enables them better control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


The essence of the intelligent HVAC systems is in the control of the technologies, which includes:

  • Integration;
  • Automation;
  • Optimization of all services and equipment that provide services;

The process of intelligent HVAC installation includes a generic monitoring and control system, which comprises of controls, sensors, actuators as well as other software.


To make it clearer, the reason of the increased demand of intelligent HVAC solutions is due to their functionality.

The intelligent HVAC solutions- the smart thermostats activate the cooling or the heating system. It knows exactly when it is in need  the most. It has the ability to turns down automatically when there is no one at home, or when one is asleep.

Yet, the intelligent HVAC systems and HVAC solutions are undergoing another innovation too.

And that innovation is the energy analysis software.

The aim of this software is to track the performance of the systems. While at the same time is informing homeowners when a particular service is required.

Contemplate Ice Powered HVAC Solutions

Have you ever imagined that by contemplating ice powered HVAC solutions could bring success to your HVAC company?

Well, although it seems unbelievable, still the research engineers have developed a new method of HVAC service. This type of HVAC service includes storing a water in a specialized tank. Later on, the water in this tank cools overnight (it turns into ice). So, that way later on during the day ahead, as the ice melts the air cools and is vented in the home.


By seeing all facts and figures we can see that the air conditioners powered by ice can supplement or replace the traditional air conditioning units.

These types of ice air conditioning units are still under development. But, on the other hand, if your HVAC Company makes the efforts to implement this type of HAVC solution- then you will have a guaranteed place amongst the very first HVAC companies that have contemplated ice powered HVAC solutions.

Nonetheless, HVAC is becoming smarter about efficiency- ice powered HVAC solutions are a clear proof about it. In the end, this type of HVAC solutions can save corporate budgets and can contribute to a better environment.

Complete Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist

What a better way to improve your HVAC solutions than to complete them with additional maintenance items.

Customers know that keeping their HVAC equipment maintained will save them money and time later on.

That is why there are more and more customers looking for HVAC companies that are providing a complete HVAC maintenance checklist.


Well, where to begin. The complete HVAC maintenance checklist includes the following:


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Customers know that by using a reputable company, will help them prevent any HVAC repair emergencies.

So, make sure that your HVAC Company becomes one of those companies that can offer customers with a full HVAC maintenance checklist.

Offer Specific Cooling and Heating System Maintenance

As previously mentioned, customers are seeking for HVAC companies that are offering complete HVAC solutions.

Therefore, I would suggest you to enlarge your HVAC solution offers with specific cooling and heating system maintenance.

Hence, besides the regular maintenance, HVAC systems should have additional maintenance and inspections completed on a regular basis.


So, it is recommendable for HVAC companies to include the following solutions:

  • Refrigerant check- this HVAC solution helps for a more efficient operation. It can help for a more efficient operation. Simply by making sure that the refrigerant levels are correctly set;
  • Coil cleaning- this solution is essential since. It is because the coils on the evaporator and the condenser should be cleaned on a regular basis. By performing a regular coil cleaning you will enable the HVAC system to operate efficiently. And at the same time to increase its life;
  • Examine the heating elements- Oil and gas connections should be clean and unblemished- and there should be no leaks;
  • Blower maintenance- A proper airflow can be enabled by adjusting the blower. The blower should be cleaned during routine maintenance.


To enumerate, regardless if your HVAC Company is bringing over $100 million in yearly revenue or $30.000, there are chances that you can still double or triple that number by paying attention to improving the HVAC solutions that your company is offering. All that you will have to do is to play smart. By playing smart I refer to investing into your HVAC technicians, and into customer service- simply try to provide the best services and products to your customers. After all, it is your customers who are contributing the most to your company’s success.



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