Discover The Difference Between Professional Truck Drivers And Truck Drivers

Of course people will debate about what is the most important trait. Some would say it is the honesty or the integrity, while others might say loyalty and accountability are as much important if not more. On the end of the day it really depends on you and the nature of what you’re involved in.

The best characteristics for a co-worker, your team driver, or an employee might not be the same as what you seek in a boyfriend/girlfriend. Plus you might have a difference in opinion as what really counts and matters.

However, I did try to come up with a few that seem particularly important when it comes to professional truck drivers and to this particular job.

These are not so much based on the individual level as they are on “what is good for the overall industry”. These are traits or characteristics that might be suited for this industry, but they are not the only ones, nor are they all “a must have”.

But here below I will list some suggested traits or characteristics for professional truck drivers and what I thing is the thing that separates a professional truck drivers from just a truck driver!

Professional Truck Drivers are Always Polite

Now I know some are saying, “What are you speaking about”? Well, it is true actually most of the truckers I have met and worked with were some of the nicest people!

Actually truckers seem to be some of the best people period, not all but most. Oh sure even the best of people have good and bad days, but they were still polite.

Now this doesn’t mean they say “sir and ma’am” or always hold the door. But it does mean they treat people with respect. They tend to keep their frustrations controlled.

After all, who wants to have a 10 am appointment and not get to the dock until after 3 pm? And yet they managed to not curse and scream out loud to every leaving being on the world! How is that for patience?!

But professional drivers will have all the patience needed and they will still maintain the appropriate attitude, as best as possible.

Professional Truck Drivers are Always on Schedule

Punctuality is the key. You can’t help what the warehouse company will do and you definitely can not control the weather or  control the traffic!

But one thing that what you sure can do is to plan the best you can. With all those industry related electronic gadgets for truckers, like example route optimizer, route mapping, or GPS software available today, there is really no excuse for being late!

Sure sometimes there are just those things that simply happen and you can’t do much about it! There might be a major pile-up on the freeway. Perhaps you have a flat tire of other mechanical issue.

Then you need to call the dispatcher and/or the client immediately, and by the time you know, you are running late.

Of course if you follow a routine truck maintenance schedule you shouldn’t have too many unexpected issues, but things can happen, and sometimes it’s out of your control.

You can be  one of the best  truck drivers out there and still do a mistake here and there, and that its all ok and fine, as long as its decent and honest mistake.

Professional drivers know how to manage their time, and if something unexpected happens they know how to apologize, make amends and redeem!

Professional Truck Drivers Know Where to Get the Best Fuel Price

They are experienced enough to know where to go and get everything they need in order to stay on the road.

This people can find the best truck stops. They will have the latest apps and fuel purchase optimization tools to help them locate the best fuel prices.

They will also do their best to go to the safer locations and stops and in case where they have to go someplace unsafe, they will use Smart Fuel Cap (an anti-siphoning device to protect the fuel).

Another thing that they will do is check their vehicle regularly for fuel and other leaks.

Often there are other deals from which professional truck drivers can take advantage of, such as tire alignments, discounts and such. Typically they will be members of price or fuel club as well.

Professional truck drivers make sure that they are getting the best fuel price per gallon! They just know when and where the best deal is at!

Professional Truck Drivers Obey Federal Regulations

This is very important and crucial. The trucking industry is almost overwhelmed with regulations. It is essential that you are well versed on them and are well aware of the fact that they are constantly changing.

So know and do your hours of service, weigh, electronic logs and everything else regarding the federal regulations.

But knowing the federal stuff isn’t enough, not by a long shot. Professional truck drivers keep themselves up-to-date on everything that relates to their industry.

This includes state and local level regulations. Additionally it also means knowing the rules, regulations, and requirements regarding your freight, and being well informed on the company related rules and policies.

Professional truck drivers always keep their self up-to-date and well informed. They always know the upcoming trends in the trucking industry!

Professional Truck Drivers Maintain a Clean Driving Record

This is another important point, some might say it is more important that your knowledge of the rules and regulations!

As a driver your job hinges on your safety rating and your company safety records. Now, only to get the job you will be asked about your driving ability and record. Most likely they will use a pre-employment screening program (PSP) , as recommended by the (FMCSA).



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