What Is A DOT Physical [All Secret Tips Revealed]


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According to FMCSA the drivers that have the following medical conditions won’t be able to pass the examination :

  • Diabetes
    If you have a condition that is controlled with oral medication in that case you can be qualified but if you are using insulin you will be disqualified;
  • Respiratory
    Respiratory conditions that can disqualify you from DOT card are: chronic asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema;
  • Loss of extremity
    If you have a loss of foot, arm or leg ,you won’t be qualified;
  • Psychiatryc
    Also if you have nervous or mental functional disease or psychiatric disorder you will be disqualified;
  • Hearing
    If you are being tested with audiometric device you must have average hearing loss greater than 40 decibels;
  • Vision
    People that are blind on the one eye cannot be qualified. Drivers must have corrected vision of 20/40 in both eyes.
  • Hypertension
    Drivers that are Stage 3 hypertension cannot be qualified, unless they reduce it to less than 140/90 and goes to re-checks every six months.

Over-weighted truck drivers don’t have to worry because there are no restrictions regarding the weight. They can get a certificate. Over-weighted truck drivers should be very careful because being overweight can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney disease.


To put it briefly, in order for truck drivers to continue driving certain commercial vehicles doing a DOT Physical examination is a must.This exam is most important for the drivers whose job depends on a valid CDL as well as it concerns the truckers who are training for CDL.

Thereupon if you want to continue driving a commercial vehicle that has a gross combination weight of 10,001 pounds or more, a vehicle designed for transport of more than 8 people , vehicle designed to transport hazardous material , you must carry with you a valid medical card .

We hope that in this article we included all the necessary information about  what a DOT Physical is.

If you are already in the trucking business with years , please share your experience about doing the DOT physical examination to help your coleagues.



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