Extreme Transportation – Truckers Key To Success

If an extreme truck driver is following the rules and regulations that are given for extreme transportation, straight proportionally he will be able to perform the overall transportation process in a safe and time-efficient manner.

Source: www.fueloyal.com
Source: www.fueloyal.com

Yet, on the other hand following the rules and regulations sometimes is not enough. Every now and then you should make a proper checklist of the loads that you are transporting. It can help you to transport the loads as safely and securely as possible.

Henceforth, you should also make a proper assumption of the size that you should be transporting. If the loads are considered to be exceptional, then extraordinary measures must take place.


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There are even cases when even the roads temporary need to be closed in order for the extreme truck driver to perform the transportation proves.

So, get to know these exemptions in order to obtain the measures.

Truckers Key To Success No.7: Proper Permits and Signs

Extreme transportation requires getting proper permits as well as following and respecting the signs. Moreover, what type of permit the extreme truck driver will have to get simply depends on the state in which he is operating, as well as upon the type of loads that he is transporting.

Thereupon, the strictest permits for extreme transportation are interconnected with the oversize and overweight transportation.

Source: www.meridiancity.org
Source: www.meridiancity.org

The best way to stay compliant with all the rules and regulation is by getting in touch and consulting the Commercial Motor Vehicle Center in the state in which you are going to operate, and they will provide you with specific information about the given jurisdictions.

All in all, the permits for unusual size loads are being issued by the U.S. Department of TransportationThe Federal Highway Administration. These rules and regulations go to the Freight management and operations.

Source: www.logo.savestatesociety.net
Source: www.logo.savestatesociety.net

If we take a glimpse at these rules, we can see that the federally mandated maximum weights for the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways are:

  • 80.000 pound gross vehicle weight;
  • 20.000 pound single axle weight;
  • 34.000 pound tandem axle weight;

On the other hand, you will also have to pay attention to the proper lighting of the loads and truck, as well as of all other safety related items that should be placed on the truck, the ones that are required by the law.

Truckers Key To Success No.8: Plan Your Travel Routes

Travel routes of extreme load transportation can be planned only when the trucking company gets to know the dimensions as well as the limitations that imply for the transportation of that type of loads.

Source: www.justamerica.co.uk
Source: www.justamerica.co.uk

By lay-outing their path of travel extreme truck drivers can prevent any hold ups and problems. Extreme truck drivers should also pay attention to the route overpasses.

Because you can get yourself involved in a situation where you get in front of an overpass that you cannot go under. That can add up few hours to the transportation process and lead you to delays.

You should plan your travel routes as a comprehensive game plan. A detailed plan will grant you that the loads you are transporting will get to the wanted destination on time and most importantly within budget.

Truckers Key To Success No.9: How To Perform Extreme Transportation On Extreme Roads

Extreme roads are a reality for truck drivers who are performing extreme transportation as well.

Source: www.informationin.com
Source: www.informationin.com

Moreover, driving on extreme roads while at the meantime transporting exceptional loads requires extreme caution. Luckily the Department of Transportation DOT is making lists of the most dangerous roads on a yearly basis. So DOT has concluded that these are the most dangerous roads in the USA:

It is recommendable for trucking companies which are specializing in extreme transportation to avoid these roads.

Truckers Key to Success No.10: Master Driving Road Trains

If you are part of a trucking company which is specializing in extreme transportation, then I would like to recommend you to master driving road trains. Although road trains are not that typical for USA highways, they are still present in the US trucking industry.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

Thereupon, road trains are part of extreme transportation, and as such can be categorized as double road train which consists of tractor, semitrailer and a five axle dog trailer; triple road train consisting of a tractor, a semitrailer, converted dolly as well as B double; quad road train consisting of two b-double trailers.

Henceforth, if the trucking company gives you a task to transport loads with road trains, know that most states in the USA have restrictions to two or three trailer maximum.

Truckers Key To Success No.11: Rules and Regulations for Hazmat Transportation

Hazmat transportation as an extreme transportation is part of the US trucking industry since 1975. This type of load transportation is regulated by the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act- HMTA.

Source: www.starshipfreight.com
Source: www.starshipfreight.com

Since it is considered to be part of the extreme transportation, hazmat transportation undergoes very strict rules. Have in mind that if any slight error happens it can lead to environmental disasters, property damages, as well as life risks.

In fact, 50% of the loads that hazmat truck drivers are transporting are flammable and corrosive. That is the reason why there are so many rules and regulations given for this type of extreme transportation.

Source: www.driveforbasin.com
Source: www.driveforbasin.com

So, truck drivers who are performing this type of extreme transportation should have in mind truckers’ key to success no.11 which includes following the rules and regulations given for Hazmat Transportation.

It is crystal clear that the biggest load security comes from the approach that truck drivers have in regards to the rules and regulations.

Truckers Key To Success No.12: Get Informed About The Divisible and Indivisible Oversize Loads

Extreme transportation of overweight and over dimensional loads is difficult. Yet, truckers key to success no 12 will lead you to the information about the divisible and indivisible oversize and overweight loads.



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