10 Secrets To Increase Your Truck Driver Salary

Beautiful Female Truck Drivers: Health, Adventure and Career

Also, modified trucks that are more suitable for women bodies could be helpful. Ryder System designed a female-friendly vehicle package.

Facts about Female Truck Drivers

Back in 1929, Lillie Elizabeth Drennan was the first woman to receive her CDL classification. With the loaded revolver, she was driving her truck until the last day of her life.

Here are some interesting facts about women behind the wheels:

  • women rarely cause accidents: it’s 3 times less likely that female drivers get involved in accident comparing to male drivers,
  • women are safe drivers: probability of females violating safety regulations is 5 times smaller than males
  • women are better students: 4 times is more likely that female will pass CDL certificate exam on the first shot

Husband-wife Teams in Trucking

It’s not so rare to see couples working together as a team on the road. They usually want to earn extra money before starting a family.

Then there is an adventurous excitement about not knowing where you will stay next day. Sharing all that with beloved person is priceless.

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Another useful thing about couples on the road, is the fact that you are spending all the time with your partner. It’s a bit of a test for the relationship itself. Just think about all the little things that get on your nerves, and you’ll see my point.

Read more about this way of life in Becky’s story Living and Working Together on the Road.

Is Truck Driving for You?

The thing about truck driving is that you can’t really just try to sit behind the wheel and drive couple of miles to see if it’s for you. No, for this profession you shouldn’t make decision before knowing what it really means to be a trucker.

It’s not an easy job. It never was and never will be. Expect and prepare yourself for long hours in solitude. You have to decisive and intelligent because times when you have to make a call and improvise are not exceptions.

Are you adventurous woman? Great. Everyday new people and new places. You can truly enjoy in a life of trucker. If not, then you should rethink about your call.
Let’s sum up: If you’re hard working woman who loves challenges and adventure, and don’t like hate routine, you are a perfect match for the truck driving job and trucking companies want you.



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