10 Secrets To Find Best Local CDL Jobs

4. Where to Look Online for Local CDL Jobs

Well now that you have your resume all ready, what do you do with it? One of the first places to look for a local CDL jobs is on the internet. Actually most job searches are through online resources. There are a variety of job boards. Some of the more common ones are:

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All of these allow you post your resume. With the exception of Craigslist, they also offer you the opportunity to set up a profile which allows you to apply directly.

However, many still require you to go to their website and fill out a profile, along with submitting all your information.

Another good thing is that you can get names of various companies. With that information you can go to their website and just apply directly.

You also have the option to generically search trucking, warehousing, and other transportation companies in your local area that offers a local CDL job.

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5. Other Places to Look for Local CDL Jobs

Well as I said, often you must apply online. Regardless you should still try to call and ask to speak with the HR department or the hiring manager. If you know of a larger transportation company in your local area you can ask them about their local CDL jobs.

Don’t be surprised though if they don’t welcome walk in or want phone calls, everybody is going virtual these days.

That shouldn’t stop you from looking at the local newspapers. If you are attending driving school classes at the local university they often have jobs boards.

Also you should try attending job fairs and trucking industry events. Local CDL jobs are usually represented alongside many of the other industries.

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6. Use Social Media and Local CDL Jobs Related Forums

One key to success is not just using the internet, but knowing where to look. Well, besides the various job boards. Social media is a great outlet for trying to connect and find available local CDL jobs.

There are a variety of forums and commercial driving specific sites and groups available, connect on LinkedIn with as many trucking industry groups as you can.

But joining isn’t enough. Network. Network. Network. That’s right, become active in the social media community. Reach out and connect to new people and ask questions.

Find out who’s hiring and who’s not. You can even learn about which companies are better than others. Once people get comfortable with you they will try to assist you.

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7. Interview Tips for Landing Local CDL Job

Everyone knows how to conduct themselves properly and professionally, right? This goes without saying, you would think.

But the sad fact is that not everyone does. Just because you are the best driver doesn’t mean you’ll get selected. Remember first impressions are everything. So here are a few simple tips.

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You might not need a three-piece suit, but you still need to dress appropriately. This means being well groomed (clean with good hygiene), clean clothes (that weren’t slept in), and no hats or sunglasses.

Keep your cell phone on silent, if you forget decline the call (never answer the phone in an interview). Don’t chew gum, or dip during the meeting. Be courteous and use proper language (don’t cuss).

Have a copy of your resume handy. Be an active listener, answer everything truthfully. And feel free to ask appropriate job related questions.

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8. Research the Trucking Company, Before the Interview

This is something people often fail to do. It is such a simple task and takes about 5 minutes to ten minutes. It is so important to have a basic understanding of your potential future employer.

They will ask you what you know about them and they expect you to have a basic idea.


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Fortunately, most don’t expect you to know the history of the company. Keep in mind though this is for your benefit as well.

You want to learn all you can so you are as prepared as possible. Another added benefit is so you know whether this is the right company for you.

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9. Conduct Proper Follow-ups

This is simple. Write a basic follow up email that says “Thank you” for their time and consideration.

It expresses your continued desire to land one of their local CDL jobs they needing to fill. Additionally it shows that you are a serious candidate.

It doesn’t need to be long, short and to the point is all that is needed.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Used Truck TiresSource: www.jobnewsusa.com

10. Be Patient and Flexible

This is the next hardest point of any job search. Landing local CDL jobs is no different than any other industry.

You need to compete with all the other applicants who are also seeking a position. After all they may list only one position and have a hundred applicants.


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Being flexible helps a lot.  Most reasonable employers know you can’t just drop what you’re doing at a moment’s notice.

However, they might only have a limited window to conduct interviews and if you want work, you need to attend the interview.

Another thing to remember is that the hiring process can be long and drawn out. In trucking business this is not the case, since truck drivers are deficit.

From the moment you apply to the moment they contact you can be a couple weeks to a couple months!

Then you have the physical interviews, they will need to conduct the background check, this all takes time. Don’t stop looking just because you found a company you like either.

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Well I hope you can find some use out these tips for landing local CDL job. There are many other tips and pointers available to you; the trick is finding the one that works best for you. After all nothing is truly a one size fits all.



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