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That is why, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers maintain a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate to drive, which allows a motor carrier to validate if a driver is medically qualified.


This certificate can only be completed by Certified Medical Examiners (MEs) listed on FMCSA’s National Registry.  In this way FMCSA can prevent scamming of the medical status of the driver which was the case when any health care provider could do this.

The basic information consists driver’s medical status and the expiration date of the medical examiner’s certificate.

Driving record

Am I required to have a clean driving record?

If your driving records are not clean, you may not qualify for this job. Being a truck driver requires you to drive safe and responsibly, through the most dangerous roads, toughest traffic or climatic conditions.

The company doesn’t want the truck driver that is prone to accidents because that means bad safety rating for the company.

Let me ask you, If you were the decision maker for this issue, would you give permission for driving to someone with a bad driving record?


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To someone that drive a full load truck in the road where your family drives?

Traffic violations such as a hit and run or reckless driving, can be an obstacle for finding this type of job. For a drunk driving you will need 5-10 years since your conviction before a trucking company considers you for the open truck driver position. What do you think of this?

But If you never been a part of an accident or been accused of misconduct, then your driving record is clean and you are ready to start your journey.

Be polite, tidy and professional

The job interview is a crucial segment and direct influence on the candidates сelection for the open job position. This is a way for the employer to figure out if you’re right for the job.

Like anything in life, first impressions are important for our perception. Being polite and pleasant has been always a great way to start a conversation and to give a sense of comfort to the other person.


During your conversation, try not to rush with your response or talk too fast, be professional. Let the conversation flow in a natural way, take your time to think of an answer and try not to rush your responses or talk too fast.

Be respectful and put a smile on your face to show confidence and gratitude for the opportunity. If you’re excited about the job, don’t be afraid to show it, employers appreciate passionate employees.

Be yourself, but keep it professional.

By paying attention to these details you will put yourself in the best possible light. Remember, you have to make a good first impression to deserve a second.


When you work what you want, where you want in the field that you can show your real capacity, that is not actual work or a job, that is happiness, pure pleasure. If you are one of these people… Well done, I am happy for you.

For those who have not yet found a trucking company that meets your requirements, be persistent with the applications.

But remember you need to have a great resume, to present yourself in the best way in front of your potential employer and when you get the job you must be responsible behind the wheel, with this you will have your dream job for a long time.

Good luck!





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