First Year As A Truck Driver – 10 Surviving Tips And Tricks

First year as a truck driver can be very difficult, as any other starting of a job. Especially in the trucking industry since let’s face it, trucking is not easy job by all means. It is tough and difficult.

It requires a lot of discipline to get the work done timely. Also requires you to be a very good organizer. Therefore, trucking is more than just driving. Much more than that.

So, what you need to know in order to make your first year easier is that communication is key. Especially the communication with the dispatchers. The importance of effective communication is crucial. Make sure you have a friendly communication with the dispatch team in order to have comfortable working hours.


In order that to happen you need to keep your word. Therefore, make sure you always do what you say you will. And we guarantee you will not have any problems ever.

Other very important thing is to make sure you follow the safety regulations. This is very important and you must not go around these rules. Some day, this can save your life as well as the lives of the others.

Crucial thing number three would be the time management. You really need to know how to manage your time properly. Since, shippers as well as anyone in this industry really will appreciate your timely work.

Because the golden rule says that time is money, make sure you do not spend people’s money in vain. Meaning, be always on time, or at least most of the time. Since, of course it virtually impossible to be on time 100% of the time.

Enjoy The Challenge

Being a truck driver is a really big challenge. Meaning, you decided to be part of it makes other feel that you deal with challenges in the best way possible. Most probably, challenges makes you motivated to work.

And trucking is all about challenges. Though the challenges nowadays are less thanks to the advanced technology. But, still finding your way can be difficult. Therefore you need to know what you are doing, why and how.


First year as a truck driver will be full of challenges. It will be a test for you, if you are really made for this job or not. If this job is what you want and need in life.

Still most important in the first year as a truck driver is to be able to enjoy every bit of it. Because trucking can be fun. And yes, the challenges and difficult situations as well.


First year as a truck driver will make you tough and ready for anything. Or will make you quit quickly. It is up to you of course. Because many drivers go into the trucking industry without knowing what exactly it is about.

At the end they end up loving it. Or hating it for that matter. But the most important is to learn something off of it. No matter what.

Be Aware That Trucking is No Bed Of Roses

You will hear very often in your first year as a truck driver, that trucking is no bed of roses. Therefore there are awards for truck drivers. To thank them for their sacrifices, because without truckers USA will collapse in 21 days. And that is true. Considering the fact that trucking is one of the most difficult job out there. Surely, it is not a bed of roses.

But, for some people there are things that are more important than having a job that is super comfortable. There are many different aspects of the truck driving that makes people exciting to hop on their next trip.


The question is! Are you ready for it? Do you want that or not, that is what is important. And the first year as a truck driver will teach you the difficult parts. Firstly because it will be a new place and everything might seems even more difficult than it actually can become over the years.

Surely, after some time, when you get into the job and actually start knowing people into the industry, it will get more comfortable. But, we do understand that the first year as a truck driver will be difficult. And if knowing that, you are still willing to do it, then this might just be the right thing for you to do.


What can also make it seems more of a bed of roses is to actually make friends. Since, trucking is a job that will take a lot of your time. You will probably spend more time working than being at home with your family.

It is important to be surrounded with people that will make you feel comfortable and accepted. As well as people that you know you can count on when a difficult situation arises.


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Therefore, make sure dispatch and other coworkers are your allies and not your enemies. This should not be difficult since mutual respect and willingness to progress should come first. And with that comes appreciation and friendship.

Focus On The Positive Things

If you are a person that can deal well with trucking, will show you the first year as a truck driver. Nevertheless, if you are determined and you know this is what you want, you will succeed.

What is really important is to remain focused on the positive things. This does not mean you should not acknowledge the negatives of the job. Of course, there are negative sides too. But focusing more on the positive will make you have a more positive attitude towards the job in general.


Dwelling on the negatives never takes you anywhere. Therefore, in the first year as a truck driver, make sure you find those positive sides that will make you stay on track. Or even more, will make you love this job and become your dream come true.



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