Free And Paid Online Load Boards: 8 Most Important Questions And Answers

You really wouldn’t be the first one in industry who never used the free load boards.

Nevertheless, various sources of quality loads are something you should be aiming for. That includes keep using, whatever you find to be, the best load boards.

#7 How to choose the right match for my business

Set some standards for your choices. For e.g. cross over load boards that don’t have mobile apps.

You shouldn’t take chances with the paid load boards that don’t offer a free trials.

Calculate your budget and order the maximum amount you are willing to pay for one service.

With such big number of load boards, you really should be using the most trustful ones.

In this text I suggested you 10 load boards that I find to be among the best.

Do your own research and read the reviews. In short time you will quickly narrow the list of potential options.


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#8 How to get a quality loads

Build the network of quality loads sources. To reach that peak, you need to climb a mountain. But it’s worth it. You can count on that.

According to RTS Financial, in order to secure quality loads, here is what you should do:

  • work directly with shippers – get better rates and avoid middle man
  • shop for online load boards – get the best match for your lanes
  • know your bottom dollar rate – save time in selecting loads
  • be patient and persistent – it can take time for a good deal
  • find brokers you trust – always check the your broker’s references
  • minimize your deadhead miles – try to get return shipments
  • take advantage of the capacity shortage – industry trends are positive

Final words

Whether we like it or not, the fact is that online load boards are replacing the old ways of finding freights and they are here to stay.

As I already mentioned, the goal is to build a network of quality loads sources.

In other words you need to set up a system that will constantly deliver you a good trucking loads.

When you get yourself into search for loads, don’t get carried away and end up in wasting more time on finding loads then actual driving.
On the other hand, you should always know your bottom price. Sometimes, finding a right match can require a patience.

Finding good loads means doing some boring activities like spending hours of searching, reading and comparing.

I tried to do part of the work for you in order to save your time and energy that way.

Hopefuly, I’ve made your life a little bit easier. If you think I skipped some important issues, feel free to post it, and I’ll do my best to give you useful response.

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