Fuel Theft Calculator

Fuel Theft Calculator – Stop Losing Money

Let’s do the math:

Fuel Cost Truck/Month $4,500 Fleet Size Average Monthly Savings / Fleet Maximum Monthly Savings / Fleet Total Yearly   Savings / Fleet
5 $1,625 $4,325 $18,005
10 $3,250 $8,650 $36,010
100 $32,500 $86,500 $360,100
Fuel Cost Truck/Month $6,000 Fleet Size Average Monthly Savings / Fleet Maximum Monthly Savings / Fleet Total Yearly   Savings / Fleet
5 $2,225 $5,825 $25,205
10 $4,450 $11,650 $50,410
100 $44,500 $116,500 $504,100

How to Notice Fuel Theft

Way to evaluate the fuel losses per month is to use the fuel theft calculator. If you enter the data of your fuel expenses between same trucks you will notice that you have Odd Difference Between Fuel Consumption. If you catch this glitch you will probably think that this difference is because the different driving speeds or different weight of the freight.

Fuel Theft Calculator
Source: fuelandfriction.com, www.freepik.com

It all makes sense but believe me driving speeds or weight of the freight can’t increase the fuel consumption that high. Most common reasons of difference between consumption of the same trucks are the factors that I mentioned above such as fuel theft from inside and outside factors.

Maybe some truck driver have higher self control so he will steal smaller amount of fuel that is less noticeable but another driver can be carried by the greed and he will steal a lot of fuel that makes the consumption very high. However, the only damaged side is the one who is paying for the fuel.


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Just enter the required data in the fuel theft calculator and you will get the results in a short time. You will be surprised by the results of you fuel losses.

Use Fuel Theft Calculator to Estimate Damage

To use Fuel Theft Calculator first you need to:

  • Gather your fuel card bills and start separating them by months
  • Calculate your monthly fuel expenses
  • Now you can Open the Theft Calculator

You will estimate the fuel damage with adding the required numbers in the blank fields of the Fuel Theft Calculator. Remember these saving percentages are generated as a result of our clients’ data by using the Smart Fuel Cap. And with using this information you can estimate your damage with the Theft Calculator and check our Smart Fuel Cap to stop the theft and start with saving.

Fuel Theft Calculator
Source: www.fueloyal.com

The results that you will get are by:

  • Average Monthly Savings / Fleet
  • Maximum Monthly Savings / Fleet
  • Total Yearly Savings / Fleet


It is important to know your expenses and to get familiar with the open opportunities that can increase your profit. The expenses that are killing the profit at some point can damage your company so much that you can’t stand on your feet and will be forced to quit everything that you build so hard.

The Fuel Theft Calculator will help you to estimate the damage that is caused as a result of the fuel theft.

You have enough on your shoulders caring about FMSCA safety regulations, OSHA regulations your own safety rating and a lot of other things that are important but without 100% of your fuel expenses your effort can’t move more than the surface.

Learn to swim way above!



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