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However, truckers know that they are important. Since they are a crucial factor in everyone’s life. But, many people did not know this until around the 1960s and 1970s.

It was then when truckers finally got the well-deserved recognition. They got a collection of movies and songs about the trucking industry and became an important part of the American culture.


So, How Is That Truckers Got So Famous On The Big Screen?

It is all because of the list of people down below. Famous directors and actors being a part of a movie that tackles the trucking industry:

  • Steven Spielberg
  • Burt Reynolds
  • Chuck Norris
  • Kris Kristofferson
  • Patrick Swayze

Respectively, the movies are Duel, Smokey and the Bandit, Breaker! Breaker!, Convoy and Black Dog. These are  just some of the many movies that contributed for everyone to know what is to be a truck driver. Also, how important that is and how sometimes dangerous it can be.


How About The Music Industry?

There are many truck driving songs but some of the best truck driving songs are:

  • Alabama’s Roll on 18 Wheeler
  • Garth Brooks’ Papa Loved Mama
  • East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed
  • Convoy by C.W. McCall
  • Box Car Willie’s Trucker’s Prayer


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Fun Trucking Facts in Modern Society

Today’s modern life is impossible to imagine without the trucking industry. We would not exaggerate if we say that we cannot even live through one day with the comfort we know if it was not for the trucking industry.


We present you below certain fun trucking facts that most likely you did not know.

  1. Today, trucks carry more than seventy percent of cargo weight in the whole of United States. In addition, trucks carry about ninety-five percent of sensitive goods. Which would mean goods that are considered dangerous or hazardous material?
  2. Nevertheless, truck driving is well known to be one of the most challenging jobs out there. In fact, truck driving is a profession where a chance of falling sick is considered highest. Truckers have been found to fall ill more than others. Truck driving is also considered one of the intimidating professions. This is due to the fact that one has to stay months away from home and has to deal with deadly paths.
  1. A very good fact about truck drivers is that their profession is considered among the highest paid ones. Today, a modern day trucker can earn even fifty dollars per hour. However, the industrial trucks pay more than the other cases.
  2. Honestly, there is nothing much encouraging for women regarding trucks. Today, only five to six percent females are currently working as a truck driver. However, despite it being considered a masculine job, many women have proven everyone wrong. Of course, they are more than capable to do anything that a man can.
  3. The first female ever to have a commercial truck driving license or as well to drive a commercial truck is Lillie McGee Drennan. She got the license back in 1929. Nevertheless, Lillie McGee Drennan used to carry a gun with her all the time.
  4. Steven Spielberg’s debut directorial (first time as a director in a complete movie) Duel, was exactly about trucking. Additionally, it was about an unending battle between a motorist and a crazy truck driver. It was a television movie. After that Spielberg’s next movie was “Jaws”.
  1. A lumber businessman Peterman, developed his own first ever truck and termed it as the Model 260. Peterman was looking for an enhanced way for moving logs from the forests to his factories, after revamping army trucks. Peterbilt was named after the same businessman, T.A. Peterman.
  2. Peterbuilt developed his own new model of truck in the year 1939. Moreover, he had to sell it after 15 years of usage. He passed away in 1944.
  3. Everyone knows that there are 18 wheels on a rig. But, the Hebrew letters used to indicate 18, and also spell the word that literally means life. So, 18 is also considered an expression of blessing in the Jewish tradition.
  4. “East Bound and Down” was penned by Jerry Reed. Jerry penned it in a single night, and also was part of the movie. In addition, it comes at number nine in the list of Today’s Trucking Top 50.


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Additional Fun Trucking Facts

  • The trucking industry gains, roughly $650 billion in revenue per year. That is around 5% of America’s GDP.
  • The trucking industry is expected to grow by about 21% over the next ten years.
  • In the United States only, there are more than 200,000 long haul female drivers.event
  • A commercial truck uses, on average, 20,500 gallons of fuel every year. However, the standard car uses roughly 500 gallons of fuel per year.
  • The primary cause of trucking accidents is a failure to stay in the lane.
  • Four of the most common errors in large trucking accidents include: traveling too fast for the conditions. Then, issues with the brake on the truck, performance error, and driver fatigue. These are, however, accidents that can be avoided.
  • The median national salary for truck drivers is around $44,500.
  • Annually, the trucking industry is responsible for about seventy percent of all freight transported in the United States.
  • The majority of trucking companies in operation in the United States are small businesses.
  • Today trucks operate with clean diesel. However, it would take 60 trucks to equal the exhaust emissions of one truck from 1988.


These are just a part of the fun trucking facts that you can find out there. Let this be your starting point to search for more and better industry facts that we might not have included here. Take these in consideration if thinking about getting involved in the trucking industry.

As you can see from this article, the trucking industry has an impact on almost everything. So, make sure you appreciate more the truckers and the trucking industry in general. It is very important in our daily lives. Even though, we rarely and some of us never, think and consider this.



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