How To Get Company Sponsored CDL Training

How To Get Free Company Sponsored CDL Training

The real issue, that stands in most people’s way, is simple the cost of attending a driving school.

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This is why company sponsored CDL training is a great option. They pick up the cost. On average the cost of driving program is approximately $3500.

This of course will depend on the school and its location; many can go as high as $7000 or more.

Remember, this is the cost of the school; it doesn’t include transportation to the school, meals you’ll eat while there, hotel stays, and other expenses.

So you can see why so many potential drivers seek out company sponsored CDL training.

But How Does One Find Company Sponsored CDL Training?

Well actually this is the easy part! Company sponsored CDL training programs are offered in every state. Often the nationwide companies have academies holding classes throughout the year.

So, really you might be able to find a school right in your own backyard! Think of how great that would be, to not have to worry about travel, meals, and such.

Finding trucking schools is relatively easy; all you need to do is go online and search for company sponsored CDL training. You would be surprised at just how many companies will pop up. Now you will want to go through them thoroughly.

Make sure you check out their company reviews. Check related social media sites and read the comments. You can even join and ask about the various schools and companies. Another thing people often fail to do is to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) .

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Other Company Sponsored CDL Training Considerations

So now you have thought it over and are seriously considering a career as a truck driver. There are just a few other considerations and things that will be looked into before you considered. Most companies will check your credit history.

They will do a criminal background check; you can’t have any felony convictions. I already mentioned the driving record. Also there are age restrictions. You can actually get a CDL at the age of 18 but will be forbidden to transport cargo across state lines until you’re 21.

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Additionally, there are several other agencies, besides the DOT, who oversee various aspects of the transportation industry. Two of these are the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Both of these oversee various safety and safety rating aspects.

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With that in mind it is important to note that just having the CDL doesn’t give you the right to transport just any materials. Often you will need additional endorsements to haul things like chemicals, flammable liquids, explosives, or other hazardous materials.

The endorsements show that you have gone through the proper training and know how to handle these materials.

The standard endorsements are:

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Finding company sponsored CDL training can be a great way to start a very rewarding job as a local CDL driver or as an OTR driver, but either way being a truck driver is cool. Reading through this you might think there is a lot to learn and know. But really there isn’t. Well no more than any other career.

Whether you work in fast food, dispatcher in the trucking business or as a stockbroker you have things you need to know, and training you need to fulfill. But of the three which pays better? The Stockbroker, of course, because of all the added training and knowledge required.

They same can be said for getting your CDL and driving. It can be very financially rewarding. Like everything it has its ups and downs but the pay, especially after getting a few miles under your belt, can be its own reward! You can increase your truck driver salary pretty fast!

You should consider your options, but once you have find a company sponsored CDL training program that best fits your needs, go for it! You should be able to find a school close to your local area, depending on where you live. If you truly do live in the middle of nowhere, it might be a bit of commute to the school. But most will agree well worth it!

Are you considering a career as a commercial driver? What brought you to that decision? Are you already a driver? Did you attend a company sponsored CDL training program? Tell us your experiences and share your stories.



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