The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Trucking Industry


Moreover, truck drivers are facing on a daily basis with traffic, accidents, getting fuel and many other things in between. All these things coupled together can bring a lot of stress to truckers.

So, let’s see what the bad side of the trucking industry includes:

Stress and Health

Patience is the crucial characteristic that a truck driver should possess in order to stay healthy and successful in the trucking industry.

Thereupon, on a daily basis truck drivers are facing with:

  • Delays;
  • Deadlines;
  • Lazy shippers;
  • City traffic;
  • Bad weather;
  • Lack of parking spaces;
  • Living in a very small space- truck cab;

All these things make stress to be an inevitable factor in truck drivers’ lives.


On the other hand, straight proportionally with the stress that truck drivers are experiencing on a daily basis comes the bad health conditions.

By the same token, truck drivers spend weeks and months driving behind the wheel- which means that they are not moving a lot and are not exercising. Also the lifestyle that truck drivers are leading brings them unhealthy food habits.

The majority of truck drivers who are operating in the U.S. trucking industry are feeding themselves with snacks and fast food, which they buy on truck stops. It is the main reason why truck drivers gain pounds quicker than other people.

Irregular Sleep Patterns and Weather

Irregular sleep patterns can lead truck drivers to be fatigued and drowsy. In fact, it is the number one cause that leads to truck accidents.

That is why nowadays there are many federal rules and regulations given by the Department of Transportation DOT and the Hours of Service HOS, that regulate how much truckers sleep in a given 24 hour period.


Yet, one more issue that truck drivers are facing with when on the road is the weather difference.

One day a truck driver can drive in one country where the weather is warm, and the next day he is driving in another country where the weather is freezing.

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Some truck drivers have a hard time facing with the weather impacts. Whereas others have difficulties facing with the irregular sleep patterns.

Time Away From Home

Truck drivers are spending a lot of time away from home. Sometimes they can be for a longer period of time on the road than they are on the road.

So, if truck drivers are married or have boyfriend/girlfriend then they should home that their better half has a lot of understanding about the profession that they have chosen. All in all, truck driver relationship most often are complicated ones.


It might happen that truck drivers are on the road for three months in a row, which can complicate the relationship.

Thereupon, the lack of time spent at home can definitely lead to problems with your loved ones and friends.

Showering In Places Away From Home

Personal hygiene is of a great importance for truck drivers as it is for everyone. But truck drivers every now and then have difficulties in finding good bathroom facilities.

Even if a truck driver finds a good facility where he can take a decent sleep it might be separated from them for weeks and days. Lately, we can notice that more and more truck stops are fighting for truckers’ rights- they want to provide them free showers.


Tip: The truck driver should pay attention to his hygiene first of all because of his health, and second of all because of his physical representation of the trucking company he is driving for.

Living, Working and Sleeping In Your Truck

Truck drivers are living in their truck for months, weeks and days, which might be a real challenge for rookie truck drivers.


Thereupon, truck drivers both regional and long-haul ones should try to create a home sweet home from their truck cabins.

The truck driver always tends to make truck cabin their home on the road. Just like in any home, truck drivers want to live in comfort in their truck cabins.

3. The Ugly In The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has a lot of good sides, bad sides, and unfortunately few ugly sides.

All truck drivers are well aware of all the trucking industry can bring them, and how it can change their lives.


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Thereupon, truck driving is a career choice just like any other, except that truck drivers nowadays are facing more difficulties than before. Understanding and living the lifestyle of truck drivers require a lot of patience and persistence.

Technology progression has made truck drivers life easier, but on the other hand the newly developed technology has brought new rules and regulations.

Further, you can read more about the ugly side of the trucking industry:


The lifestyle that truck drivers have chosen to live can be difficult because they are constantly on the road- away from their friends, family, and loved ones.

Although it is easy for truck drivers to detach easily from the life that they have been living before they entered in the trucking industry, still they have difficulties every now and then with the lack of contact with their loved ones.


Here are few tips that I have to recommend to all truck drivers who are facing with loneliness:

  • Get in touch with your family as much as possible;
  • Use social media or video messaging
  • Make plans to integrate into family while you are still on the road;
  • Make the best of the time when you get home;
  • Be a part of family decisions;

The Greed of the Shippers

The ugly side in the trucking industry is bringing the shippers.

Shippers entered the trucking industry as trucker friends but as time passed by, they turned into their enemies.



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