GPS Tracking System: 10 Important Features To Look For

Driver dispatching is one of the most powerful tools that GPS tracking systems are offering. In addition, driver dispatching can allow you to easily schedule jobs as well as to dispatch those jobs to your vehicles and send useful information to your truck drivers.

Remember: Driver dispatching is one of the most crucial internal jobs that are keeping trucking companies running. More precisely, GPS tracking systems are streamlining the process of dispatching.

Yet, this feature is as well enabling truck drivers to send job status updates to dispatchers or managers, that way the GPS tracking system is keeping everyone in the loop.

GPS Tracking System Feature No.6: Route And Fuel Optimization

The easiest way that fleets can take in order to determine the most cost-effective route is through route optimization.

Route optimization is in fact including all relevant factors such as are the number and location of all required stops that a truck driver can have the need of while driving his route.

Moreover, route optimization can indicate the following things:

  • The number of turns and intersections along the route;
  • The best driver to dispatch on the route;
  • Traffic congestion for the time being;
  • The best approach to stop on the route;


Keep in mind that the two most important segments of trucking are the routes as well as the conditions on the road. Straight proportionally the route optimizer seems to be the best solution for these two most important segments.

Here is what type of benefits the route optimizer can provide you with:

  • It will shorten the driving time;
  • It will choose the best route and save fuel;
  • Will help you avoid traffic jams;
  • Receive real time traffic information;
  • Can reduce toll expenses as well;
  • Can avoid truck scales;

On the other hand, we can see that trucking companies are facing with fuel purchase problems. More precisely these problems are becoming part of everyday life for the people that are engaged in the trucking industry.


The skyrocketing fuel prices have brought numerous unexpected costs for trucking companies. This has led to major reduction in the US economic activity as well.

Luckily trucking companies thanks to fuel optimization systems and tools these days are able to provide the best fuel optimization programs to trucking companies.

We can notice that the Fuel Optimizer— developed by Fueloyal which is known to be an Innovative Fuel Management Company is one of the leading optimization programs present in the trucking industry nowadays.

Thanks to this Fuel Optimizer trucking companies nowadays are able to find the cheapest truck stops on their routes as well it will provide you with numerous information about the amenities that truck stops are offering along the way.

GPS Tracking System Feature No.7: Maintenance Alerts

Fleet managers are well aware that managing a fleet of trucks goes beyond just coordinating truck drivers. Actually, managing a fleet as well includes a maintenance of multiple vehicles.


Correspondingly fleet managers should make sure that the GPS tracking system they are going to buy offers maintenance alerts. In general, maintenance tasks can be based on mileage or truck engine hours.

Do you know when your fleet vehicles need maintenance? We alert you by e-mail when your vehicle is due for normal maintenance, saving time and reducing headaches.


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Our maintenance alerts are based on a vehicle’s real-time mileage versus national averages and this allows you to operate a more effective preventative maintenance program.

Each day you will receive an e-mail summarizing which vehicles reported problems or are due for normal maintenance.

GPS Tracking System Feature No.8: Access To Live Traffic Info

GPS Tracking System manufacturers have made it easier for you. Now with the latest GPS Tracking Systems you can enjoy the access to live traffic info.

Now truck drivers can say goodbye to traffic congestion.

These days we can see that GPS tracking systems have traffic services on their navigators, which navigators will enable you to avoid traffic that is caused by construction, accidents or other type of delays.

That is to say the GPS tracking system is shifting through different kinds of traffic data in order to find in the quickest possible way the most hassle free route.


In addition, some GPS tracking systems are designed to consider historic and live traffic information by featuring their routing decisions at the same time.

Thanks to the access to live traffic information truckers these days can be directed to the route that is most likely to be the least congested and fastest at the time it is being driven.

As well, the GPS tracking system is calculating the driving time. It is performing this calculation based on the traffic information that is offered, both historic and live.

GPS Tracking System Feature No.9: Ongoing Technical Support

Although GPS tracking systems are offering numerous features that are beneficial for truck drivers, every now and then it can happen that it’s technology is not working as you are expected to.

That is why when you are buying a GPS tracking system you should pay attention if it is offering ongoing technical support.

The ongoing technical support is crucial because it is the only way that a trucking company can keep the GPS tracking system efficient all the time.

Regardless if you are a global trucking company or a local trucking company, the ongoing technical support that most GPS tracking systems are offering can keep you covered.


Most commonly, the ongoing technical support is offering the following benefits to their users:

  • Immediate support;
  • Quick answers;
  • Keep you constantly informed;
  • Solving complex issues for you;
  • Helps truck drivers remain in connection by staying in the focus at the same time;

All in all, I would highly recommend you to look up for a GPS tracking system provider that will offer you as well an ongoing technical support.

GPS Tracking System Feature No.10: Field Service Management Tools

Why are field service management tools the best solution for trucking companies?



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