How Much Do Truck Drivers Make By State?

There are still those trucking businesses which are willing to pay more for the new truck drivers regardless of their inexperience.

In particular, how much do truck drivers make by state could depend on the trucking company instead of the state’s economy.


In other words, the trucking jobs that are hardly preferred by truck drivers are paid more. For example, there is the hazmat transportation, owner operator jobs, long haul, overloaded truck driving etc.

Luckily, these jobs are available in a wide range in New Jersey, there are thousands of them. There are still those who are excited to embrace the truck driving challenges even on the longest highways.


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Continually, there are premier trucking companies in New Jersey which do not save when it comes to truck driver pay. As an illustration, they pay an average salary of $53,000 for the inexperienced.

I wonder how much do experienced truckers or professional drivers get.


Texas also has plenty of jobs to offer. Regarding the subject on how much do truck drivers make by state, Texas offers solid driver pay.

According to the Texas Trucking Association (TXTA), the highways are flooded by exported and imported loads each day.

Therefore, how much do truck drivers make in Texas?


Generally speaking, the drivers get solid $50,000. More importantly, there are also bonuses involved. Not to mention how much would an experienced truck driver get.

Someone should reward the truck drivers for their contribution to the trucking industry. One of them is the high salary that the trucking companies in Texas offer to their drivers.

There are lots of truck driving opportunities you just need to choose the one for you and the one you will enjoy.


Additional (How Much Do Truck Drivers Make By State Under $50,000)

  • Delaware – $49,000
  • South Carolina – $48,000
  • North Carolina – $48,000
  • Kansas – $48,000
  • South Dakota – $47,000
  • Colorado – $46,000
  • Idaho – $45,000
  • Wisconsin – $44,000
  • Alaska – $42,000
  • Hawaii – $40,000


As a conclusion, how much do truck drivers make by state, depends on the economy of the state and the paying standards as well.

On the other hand, it may also depend on the profit of a trucking company. Sometimes, how much do truck drivers make by state depends on their involvement in the trucking business.

To sum it up, if you consider the truck driving as a lifestyle then you need to make a research before you bring any salary decision.



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