How to Find the Best Truck Driver Seat Cushion

How to Find the Best Truck Driver Seat Cushion


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Imagine sitting in seat feeling the tingling sensation and the seat cushion massages your stress away.

Actually now when I think about, there is one thing that is better than massage truck driver seat cushion.


That one thing better is the seat that is comfortable, fits the contours of your body, and is heated at the same time. Well guess what? You can have all that!

These now days with the technology constantly improving, you can have a truck driver seat cushion that not only works your muscles, but helps you to feel better at the end of your working day, than you did felt when you started!

Price vs. Quality, – When Shopping For A Truck Driver Seat Cushion

You know what they say:”you get what you are paying for”! Well they are not far from the truth!

In today’s world, with all the things that we have at our disposal you can freely shop around and easily find what you are looking for. If not even better!

But the problem becomes serious when you are not getting what you are paying for, or even worse, when you overpay something that you thought and expected to be something else.


So don’t expect miracles to happen just because you purchase the most expensive truck driver seat cushion on the market!

After all, the cushion it’s just that: – a cushion!

So yes, look the price, its hard-earned money that you are spending, but you should definitely pay attention on the quality too.

That is exactly what I am doing when I am sopping around for something that it’s of a big importance of my everyday life.


I am not speaking about Oreo vs. Hydrox choice! I am speaking about cheap truck driver seat cushion vs. quality cushion that will make your ‘bumpy road’ easier!

So once again, my suggestion and friendly advice to you will be to take your time, check out through and through the reviews and the testimonials on their websites, and check online customer report reviews on the product. You can learn a lot from what other people had to say!

Things You Need To Pay Attention When Choosing a Truck Driver Seat Cushion

When you decided to drive a truck for a leaving, you probably know that there are quite few pros and cons in truck driving that come together with the profession. Well, one of those cons is the health issue that arises from constantly seating in one position.


Therefore, knowing what to expect gives you the ability to prevent some things from happening. In this case choosing the right truck driver seat cushion for you means that you are one-step ahead the trouble.

Now another things that you should pay attention to when choosing a seat cushion, except price, budget, performance and needs, it’s the material from which the truck driver seat cushion is made of.


When it comes to material, the choice on today’s market is wide and spectacular!

It all depends what you are looking for. Do you want foam, gel, or memory foam? Do you want a zippered cover that is easy to remove and wash?

You can go with truck driver seat cushion that is made of soft velour fabric, and the cover its easy removable and washable. Furthermore you need to make sure that the material used in the bottom of the cushion is anti-slip and helps keeping the cushion in place.

Or you can purchase one of the 100% foam cushions, which means the cushion won’t flatten over time.


Maybe you can get yourself one of those cushions with air cells .The air cells allow air to move from one chamber to another, which allows your body weight to distribute evenly and promotes blood flow.

Good to know about this type of air cell truck driving seat cushion is that the cells are able to absorb the vibrations that come while driving and another good thing is that the air cells won’t allow the cushion to harden like some other foam seats can.

Another feature that you should consider when choosing the material you want your cushion to be made of is to make sure is orthopedic.


Durable high-quality memory foam cushion and a cover that is a breathable mesh so that you never feel sticky, or sweaty it’s a good choice too!

On the end of the day, it’s you that need to have the final saying about your cushion, so choose wisely!

And if you don’t like anything that is available out there, then you can have a  same like you can have a custom made truck, you can also have custom  made truck driver seat cushion, designed special for you!

Width and Length

The standard truck driver seat cushion width and length is approximately 2.5 to 3-inches high, with dimensions 18-inch front x 16-inch back or 14- x 14- x 3-inches. They weight about 1 pound.

But I am sure that if you shop around, you can find exactly what you need, and again if you don’t find, then you can order a custom made cushion.

After all, you know better than everyone else which type of seat cushion will correspond to your truck seat and your needs.


What matters is that the cushion you’ve chosen has to be beneficial for you and for your overall well being. It has to give you the much needed support and get you through the days of the long drives with comfort and support.

Style, fashion, weight, length, and color are just a personal choice and are of a secondary importance!

Good Lumbar Support is MUST When Searching for Truck Driver Seat Cushion

Good Lumber Support is crucial! It’s MUST have thing!

Being out there on the open road for a long period of time, seating firmly on one place might not look to you like a big deal when you are on the beginning of your driving career, but eventually will turn around and bite you!

To add to all that, truckers experience constant vibrations when driving their trucks, plus depending on your responsibilities you might need to do some loading/ unloading of heavy boxes and such.  On the top of that, let’s be honest and face it, you are not eating that great either!



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