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Exclusive Tips How to Hire the Best Truck Drivers in USA

Following list provides questions that shouldn’t be left out of the interview.

  • Why have you become a truck driver?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a truck driver?
  • How do you define responsibility and what it means to you?
  • What is the safe distance for you?
  • What was the worst experience you had as a truck driver?
  • On previous job, how often were you late on deliveries?
  • What will your previous employer say about you?
  • Can you explain your driving record in detail?
  • How would you deal with next situations:
    -your customer claims that you deliver wrong order (you think it’s the right one)
    -your suspect that your colleague is stealing
    -you are in the right lane, but another vehicle is coming directly to you
  • How did you solve disagreements with previous managers?
  • What makes you the right candidate for the job?
  • Is there a question you would like to ask?

In the end, after you selected the best candidate, do some research about him/her by checking references and calling past supervisors.

Final tip: Follow the rules and regulations

Different state means different rules. Usually, it’s not enough to get familiar with your basic state. It’s very possibly that you will operate partly or even regularly in more than one state.

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Have a formal hiring policy, and don’t look at it as unnecessary administrative formality. Put the state and federal regulations into your hiring policy. This way, your potential drivers will match the regulatory requirements.

Mike Zalas from Ewald Fleet Solutions stated the importance of formal hiring policy:

“With smaller fleets, we usually see that there’s no policy in place.Often there is no defined role of responsibility for the fleet, so who is taking ownership of that MVR?”

Make sure not to violate DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations.


The lack of truck drivers is treating to jeopardise all USA economy. So, dealing with this issue on national level, is to be expected. However, there is nothing on the horizon on this matter, while truck driver shortage is progressively increasing.

Meanwhile, trucking companies have to adapt to these circumstances, and face the fact that getting a good truck drivers is a real challenge now.

Big wages, securing enjoyable and safety driving and other benefits won’t have desired effect if truck drivers don’t see it. You’ve seen in this article, how can you ensure that.

You simply have to advertise your job offers on the Internet. Social network campaigns, sending emails, paid ads and promotion on popular websites etc, are all part of the constantly growing digital (inbound) marketing. Between various channels to your target group, search engine tools seems to be the most efficient.

One thing sure. It’s great to be a truck driver in USA.

What do you think of new situation regarding truck driver shortage? How would you deal with this issue? Share your thoughts.



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