How To Ship A Car

Guest Post by: Car Shipping Carriers


Thousands of people move every month.  Some may only move a short distance like the next city over, yet others move to an entirely different state and even across the country.

When long distance moves occur for a family it is usually best to have a car shipping company transport one or more of your vehicles.  This helps with your moving process and takes the stress of driving multiple vehicles to your new location.

Because moving long distances for a family usually only occurs a handful of times during their lifetime, knowing how to ship a car is mostly something many do not know and should research online.

This article will help people ship their car to another state and/or across the country from start to finish.

Complete Steps

1. Go online and search for the best car shipping companies

This will bring up dozens of companies to choose from.  Choose 3-5 companies and try and find their social media pages, reviews online to see how reliable and reputable the company is.

Usually after this process is completed 1 or 2 of the 5 companies you start with will fall off your list for not being up to snuff.

2. Contact these companies either through their website or by giving them a call and ask for an auto transport quote

When you’re asking for a quote these companies will need your information, the city for picking up the vehicle, cities for delivery of your vehicle and when you may need this done.

After you provide the details you’ll be giving a quote that you can rely on.  Once you have all your quotes you can go over them and compare.  The recommended quote would be the one that is not the lowest, yet not the highest.

The middle-quoted price will usually be the best service and you won’t be over spending.

3. The next step is to book your order with the transport company and now is a waiting process

This company is a broker company (nearly all the companies online in this industry will be) and they must go through a process to find the proper car hauler for your specific needs.

Normally a car hauler isn’t booked until just a few days prior to the pick-up window.  No need to sweat this process, you have picked a great company through your research and following the steps above and they will get the job done.

4. Meeting with the actual trucker will be the next step

The trucker will try to pick up the vehicle right at your address, but if that is not possible the pick-up location will be a large parking lot where the truck can pick up safely and maneuver safely.

You’ll get a receipt called a Bill of Lading that goes over the vehicle inspection that goes overs the outside of your vehicle and marks any dings, scratches dents, etc. and you will sign off and receive a carbon copy.

5. The next step is the delivery of your vehicle

It is the same as the pick-up. The delivery window is more obscured because of the distance, but a 2-day window is provided until the trucker is closer to your destination and then a 1 hour window is given.

You and the trucker will go over the vehicle again with the bill of lading and you’ll sign off and receive another carbon copy.

6.The final step is to submit a rating for your experience

This is crucial because the companies you work with would like to know how your experience was.  This also helps future customers when they are looking up reviews.  This final step isn’t mandatory, but it does help the total process.


By following these 6 steps you can rest assure that your car shipping experience will be a great one.

Now that you know how to ship a car, it is time for you to start on step one and find the vehicle transport company that works best for you and your needs.  Safe travels!