Insurance & Car Lease

Track, monitor, and control your assets in real-time with just one click


Insuring Transparency

  • Driver behavior analytics for usage-based insurance models
  • Analyze multiple metrics and improve business strategy
  • Prove no-fault in case of an accident
  • Reduce your fleet insurance premiums

Improve Customers Satisfaction

  • Provide faster respond to your customer needs
  • Promote responsible driving and increase safety
  • Deliver vehicle and driving metrics if needed
  • Satisfied Customers = Regular Business + Referral Business

Master maintenance

Insurance & Car Lease
  • Simple maintenance schedule to update your customers
  • Receive critical information on engine or vehicle performance to minimize customers risk of roadside breakdowns and downtime
  • Use engine diagnostics and save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary maintenance

Track Mileage Usage

  • Fleet mileage tracking to remind the customers of agreed contract mileage limits
  • Collect data to bill your customers more accurately

Reduce asset misuse and theft

  • Get real-time tracking data and easily recover stolen vehicles
  • Protects your assets from theft and misuse with 24/7 fleet monitoring

Real-Time Drivers Behavior Reports

 Real-Time Drivers Behavior
  • Get real-time speeding alerts and notify the customers of the usage policies
  • Prevent reckless driving behavior to protect your vehicles from damaging
  • Measure the usage of your fleet in just one click

Avoid Compliance Issues

  • Get instant alerts in case of forbidden border crossing to protect assets Insurance
  • Receive notification if a vehicle is used outside the agreed hours

Remote Vehicle and Engine Control

  • Get instant remote control of vehicle in case of need and prevent ignition
  • Control engine and warn users of improper maintenance
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