Killer List Of 10 Types Of Freight You May Never Heard About

As an illustration, FedEx and UPS, YRC and Old Dominion Freight are an example of the LTL transportation services.

These freight types also involve semi-trailer drivers as well as delivery drivers. Semi-trailers normally range from 26 to 53 feet.

LTL transportation is considered as the best way to move a local cargo efficiently, quickly and economically.

3. Partial Truckload or PTL

The partial loads are combined types of freight. In other words, they are a combination of the LTL and TL freight.

The combination uses a method in the transportation type in order to handle the shipment.


In particular, the partial shipment handles cargo weight ranging from 6 to 18 pallets. Continually, the shipments range between 8,000 to 10,000.

Although it seems like an easy type of transportation, it knows to be complicated sometimes. To emphasize, it takes experienced truck drivers in order to complete the driving and delivery process.

4. Blanket Wrap or Van Move

Have you ever heard about the blanket freight services?

I assume not.


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Well, those involved in the trucking industry or these types of freight specifically, have definitely heard about it.

Why am I saying this?

It is a rarely used method of transportation because only few cargo classes need this.


To begin with, the blanket transport services are also referred as pad wrap services. The process is thus named due to the literal blanket wrapping.

The goods that are being transported are wrapped with blankets during the delivery process. This is usually done for the goods which are fragile.

This way of transportation is protecting the cargo from being broken during the process of loading, transport, and the unloading.


These wrap blankets are providing these transportation solutions because the freight they deliver is of delicate nature.

Doing the process of protection with the blankets wrapping, the goods are kept in a good condition and a secure and safe transport is made.

To sum up, the blankets are protecting the cargo because they are made of a soft material.

5. Air Freight

Out of all types of freight, the air service is probably the fastest way to complete a particular transportation.

Usually, the air freight shipping is used in order to transport those freight types which are expected to arrive on a scheduled time.

In addition to this, I would also mention the urgent freight types. For example, it might happen for some businesses, clinics or even Governments to have unexpected need of a certain freight categories.


Thus, the air freight helps with the complicated cargo types while making sure of providing proper transportation, paperwork, and air freight transaction.

For this matter, you need to look for the fastest transit times, as well as the competitive pricing.

The point of hiring air freight company is to make the complicated simple. For instance, whether you need consolidated or expedited transportation, the air freight exists in order to handle things for you.

In other words, it is made to make the impossible, possible instead.


On the subject of this, it is the fastest possible way of transportation. The team hired at this niche is able to make this possible by arranging overnight delivery.

If you need some cargo to be transported overnight then it can definitely be accomplished with the help of the air freight.

In this way, the air freight services are proven to be cost-effective. According to the country where you need the freight to get, or when you need it, it can be delivered overnight.

6. International Shipping

If you need transportation services even to the most distant places on earth, you can make it possible with the help of the international shipping.

The international shipping is also among the best types of freight transportation services.

The cross border shipping will make sure to make every possible freight to get on the given time. In fact, it is what the beauty of the cross-border shipping lies within.

Due to different business types that work through the trucking, air or boat shipping, there are products that need to be transferred to various countries.


Whether your last destination is Canada, across US, Mexico or even Puerto Rico, heavy haul, or less than truckload types of freight can be transported.

However, you need an additional insurance for these types of freight transportations. The presence of insurance is required due to the cargo safety.

To emphasize, no matter of the cargo type, whether it is small, dense or boat shipment, your types of can be transported safely.

Furthermore, in order to make sure that your freight transportation is fully and safely completed, you need to choose top rated international carriers.

On the other hand, the truck drivers may find truck driving jobs of their dreams. By researching they can even work for one of the best car transport companies.

7. Air Ride Truckload (Full or Partial)

If you happen to have a freight which is rather delicate, then the air ride truckloads are the best types of freight transportation for you.

The air ride shipment is considered as the most important method of transportation and there are reasons for it.


The air ride trucks are 18-wheelers and are used to transport delicate freight. Additionally, this type of transportation is used in order to increase cargo safety.

8. Expedited Freight Services

Apart from the above-mentioned types of freight, there are also the expedited freight services.

But what is an expedited freight service?

As an illustration, an expedited delivery is on a speedy transit time and is normally arranged for a delivery from one to five days.


The expedited services usually involve the delivery of urgent types of freight which are time sensitive.

Continually, these types of services are used by supply chains and are considered as a priority type of freight.



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