Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction


For example, on an auction a Freightliner Cascadia 125 conventional truck can be bought even for 50.000 dollars cheaper than a new directly from the manufacturer.

On the auctions there are frequently bidders that circumvent the dealers. Those people are the ones that are putting themselves into a huge risk of losing, but they can get lucky. And if they get lucky they can pay even thousands of dollars lower than the highest bidding price the auctioneer wanted.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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By and large on the truck auctions you can save a lot of money, but only if you invest in the right truck. Never get caught in the process of bidding, never let dummy bids lie you. Always be true to yourself and keep your awareness on a high level. In order for you to save money buying on truck auctions you must go earlier on the auction site and do a good inspection.

Therefore the amount of money that you can save on an auction depends from your ability to do a good inspection of the truck. Another important ability is to know how to get your wanted price, that is the price that is lower than the budget you have set. Always be wise and functional, know how to play with the bidders and the auctioneer.

Find A Truck Auction That Suits You Best

In spite of finding the truck auction that suits you best , the main and at the same time most important thing that you will have to do is to be sincere with yourself. You will have to determine what kind of truck would you like to buy and at what price. Only after you do that you will be able to start searching for the truck auction that suits you best.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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The auctions can be :

  • Public auctions – In case if you choose to go on a public auction you will have to do a good research of the dealers that are placing the trucks on the auction. There are the ones that you can have the full trust in them and others the very opposite.
  • Governmental auctions – Contrary if you decide to go on a governmental auction, you can be sure that there are places only the best trucks and vehicles. Even though some of the vehicles on governmental auctions have warranty from the manufacturer.

Visiting truck auction forums will be of your great use, there you will find shared experiences for different auctions. The choice for auction houses is really big.

Semi Truck Repo Auctions

However, if you want to buy a semi-truck and you want to save money then semi-truck repo auctions are a perfect match for you. On these auctions you will be in a position to choose between semi-trucks that have been repossessed. The bidding for these repossessed trucks if placed on the auction by a bank or another financial institution will start with lower prices.

That is because they want to sell the trucks as soon as possible.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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On the negative side the semi-trucks that are repossessed might have need of additional repairs. That is so because usually these semi-trucks are being repossessed from their owner in effect of financial means. Also semi-trucks are for heavier use and that adds up to the possibility that they might be damaged.

Under those circumstances as a buyer you will have to do a detailed research before you go on a repossessed semi-truck auction. Additionally to the research, yet other thing that you will have to do is to go earlier on the auction in order to do inspection of the truck.

Repossessed Class 8 Truck Auctions

The process of the repossessed class 8 truck auctions is completely the same as any other auction. Moreover, the only difference between repossessed auctions and other auctions is the seller. The seller on repossessed truck 8 auctions is the bank.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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Due to the constant increasing of taxes people are taking loans in order to keep their business running. But the bad thing is that if they don’t pay off their loan to the bank their trucks can get repossessed. On the negative side, there are more than 60% of Americans that fail to pay their loans and get stuck in a situation where the bank must repossess their trucks.

Repossessed truck 8 auctions are held open to the public, in order for the bidders to enjoy in the discounted prices. These auctions are held in order for the bank to recoup at least a part of the loans that their clients were not able to pay off.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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On repossessed auctions can be found trucks 8 class that are with discounted prices and in good condition. Nevertheless, when going on a repo auction do the same steps as you do when going on any other auction.

Do not forget to do inspection of the truck, no matter what the reason. Only if you do a good inspection and you get the real picture of trucks condition, then you will be able to bid consciously.

Heavy Duty Truck Auctions

Henceforth, heavy duty trucks , the trucks that are 26.001 lbs. to 33.001lbs. as well can be found on truck auctions. Going on a heavy duty truck auction is the ultimate chance to get lucky and to buy a heavy duty truck for a way lower price. Heavy duty trucks can be sold on unreserved public auctions. The bids on these auctions are not reserved.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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Therefore , on these auctions you can find heavy duty trucks from top manufacturers. You will be in a position to choose between:

On the auctions there are as well trucks from other top manufacturers. The auctions of heavy duty trucks class 7 and class 8 are usually held once in two week period. Also there are auctions of heavy duty trucks that offer only trucks from one manufacturer.


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Moreover, on these auctions as well you will be able to find heavy duty trucks with the latest technology updates. There are those trucks with fuel efficient engines. You will be able to choose from a variety of different heavy duty trucks , starting from the regular cabins with passenger seat to the cabins with sleeper.

Government Truck Auction Sales

Henceforth, government truck auction sales are the places where you can find one of the most perceived vehicles. These auctions are placing vehicles that have been taken away from governmental agencies. Governmental truck auction sales are taking place all over USA in almost every state.

Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction
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In effect of these auctions, yearly are sold trucks that cost more than million dollars. It is good to mention that on these auctions the trucks mostly come together with past documentation about all the repairs that the truck has been through.



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