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Learn 7 Secret Tips for Perfect Truck Wash

Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Ask for Hot Water Wash During Winter

We have all met those people who go the entire winter without ever visiting the truck wash. Perhaps there just aren’t any available or they are always closed, but we have all met and/or worked with someone like that. The problem with not going to the truck wash, in the winter, is the salt and other chemical used to remove and/or melt snow and ice. Over time this can cause rust and other issues.

Of course we all know high pressure water is used to wash the truck. However, this might not be enough to remove all the salt and such. It is best to use hot water and soap to thoroughly force all this out. This is why a good reputable truck wash is so important; they should know all the tricks to getting your truck really clean.

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Apply Protective Layers of Wax After Washing

As I just said, hot water and soap are the key to getting the truck clean. So ensure the truck wash uses both. The next thing is the wax. Now not everyone uses wax or at least they use just the minimal amount but wax is actually very important.

Why is it so important? It helps to keep your truck clean longer. It also helps to protect the paint. That’s right; it serves more of a purpose than just making the truck look shiny and nice. I will admit we all love to see a nice shiny machine, but make sure truck wash uses wax. Also ensure they use the brand recommended for your paint. Although the actual guy/gal who washes the truck might not know, if it’s a good truck wash the manager will.

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Park The Truck To Get Dry

This is one of those things that people discuss and debate. No really, just the other day I heard a debate about is it best to towel dry the vehicle, air dry (dry while driving down the highway), or to just sit and air dry. These drivers went on and on about which technique is best.

Well, I am sure you have your own thoughts. But really the worst is to instantly drive off down the road. Because the wax and everything isn’t completely dry and will attract dirt. You might not notice it, but after awhile your paint will. The best is to park in a dust free spot and let it dry in the sun. Now some people will also gently towel dry it to prevent water spots, but some say this removes the wax. So use your best judgment.

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Use a Cloth To Dry The Hidden and Secret Spots Like Mirrors

After you’ve gone to the truck wash and gotten your truck all clean, what’s next? Besides finding that perfect spot to sit while it dries. You can go over some the more hidden spots and sop up the water that was left behind. These are usually around the mirrors, door frames, and lights.


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You can use a towel, a clean rag, or get a special shimmy cloth. These are made to be extra absorbent and non-abrasive. They are designed to not harm your truck’s paint and are usually lint free so they don’t leave anything behind. These are not expensive and are machine washable.

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Finding a good truck wash can be like finding a good mechanic, but once you do chances are you will use them as often as possible. There are times when just getting your truck washed is better than leaving it dirty. But just like everything if you’re going to do it, do it right.

Where do you go to get your truck washed? Are you the type who likes to wash it yourself or do you prefers a professional truck wash? What recommendations do you have? Please share your wisdom with us as it is always appreciated.



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