Learn All About Class 8 Trucking ServicesClass 8 Trucki

Learn All Secrets About Class 8 Trucking Services

  • Max. Trailers width is 8.2 ft
  • The length of the reefer trailer is in between 48 to a max. 53ft
  • Max. Trailer height is 8ft
  • Max freight weight is in between 42,000 to 45,000 lbs

As you can see the reefer trucking services are having enough space to transport your sensitive cargo if you are having. These trucking services are always needed; in these days, we are transporting products from long distances that need to be maintained in specific temperature.

Most Popular – Dry Van

Why dry van trucking services are most popular? It is the most common system for transporting loads across interstates. You can transport loads that

  • do not require controlled temperature inside the trailer
  • Fit the dimensions of the inside space of the truck without breaking the weight limitations
  • Your freight will be protected because it is placed in a closed space which makes it protected from the weather (rain, snow, or any direct exposure to the outside factors).
  • This service does not require special equipment to secure the load if you properly packed the load in pallets.

Learn All About Class 8 Trucking Services 7Source: www.cargofloor.com

It can be less than load or full truck loads (FTL) depending on your needs. You can use FTL if you have enough goods to cover the full space of the truck and if you can cover the full space you can be sure that your freight will be delivered much faster than with LTL trucking services. Why is that? With FTL, freight is moving from point A/shipper to point B.


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Be aware that the closed space of the truck does not give an option for crane, so to use this type of service you need to be sure that your cargo can be safely unloaded using a cargo forklift.

Advice: Pack your freight to become 1 piece and be sure it is well secured

Car Carrier

Today almost every member of the family is an owner of a car, but did you know how these cars been transported to the car dealerships? The car trucking services are the ones who take care of the secure and reliable transportation of you precious car. So if you are car manufacturer or you just need to transport your car safely to another place car carrier trucking services are the right choice for you.

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We have all been near this type of trucks who are caring a bunch of cars and if you were worried about the safety, stop now. These trucking services to ensure the security of the transported cars and others around have safety measures to meet safety FMCSA regulations, like

  • safety chains
  • wheel stoppers
  • locks and
  • safety belts

Car trucking services are more and more required in the past two decades as the result of increased demand for cars and need of transportation from the car manufacturers to the car dealership, vehicle remarketers or auto auction houses. Professional car shipping service is the important segment of the automotive industry.


We live in a modern era where we use things from different origins, but no matter where the goods are manufactured, transportation industry makes the delivery possible to any corner of the world. Our total human existents depend on the trucking services.

Class 8 trucking services are the most important ones in the trucking industry in general. They transport goods from the manufacturers to the docks, airports or warehouse and again from there to the final delivery point.

The Class 8 trucking services are the vehicles that are caring the heaviest loads. For 21 day without transportation of fuel, food, household goods America would not be able to maintain the normal activities. What do you think?



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