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Learn All Hidden Facts About Truck Lite LED Lights

All of the Truck Lite LED Lights comes with a warranty. The great thing is that many of their products come with a lifetime warranty. Not many companies can say that about their products. When you combine that with their long history you know Truck Lite LED Lights are a brand to trust.

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What Are Bad Sides Of Truck Lite LED Lights

Though they are brighter, they still use less energy, which means Truck Lite LED Lights generate less heat. If you drive in areas where there is a lot of snow it can build up on the lights. Also ice can accumulate on your Truck Lite LED Lights, due to the lack of heat. I will recommend you to check with the manufacturer before applying any solutions to prevent snow and/or ice build-up.

Another issue that drivers say they have with Truck Lite LED Lights is the fact that they are so bright. This is great if you are the driver of the vehicle, you’ll see the tops of corn stalks way ahead of you, but other drivers will be annoyed by Truck Lite LED Lights potential brightness. Don’t’ be surprised if people flash their lights back at you.

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What Is The Cost Of Truck Lite LED Lights

Though you might think this to be a very straight forward question, it is not. It really depends on which Truck Lite LED Lights you’re replacing. Are you replacing the headlights, the taillights, the running lights?


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Are you replacing the entire kit or just the bulbs? It will also depend on where you purchase them. Buying parts in bulk it’s always cheaper.

But the important thing to remember is that Truck Lite LED Lights are more energy efficient and lost much longer than regular lights.

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So the next time you are looking for Truck Lite LED Lights, remember Truck-Lite creates, manufactures, and even distributes their various safety lighting and other visibility products. According to Truck Lite’s website, they are committed to:

  • “Complying with all federal, state and local environmental, safety and health laws/regulations”
  • “Continual improvements in preventing pollution, accidents, injuries and illnesses”
  • “Protecting our environment, associates and contractors”

You can learn more about Truck Lite LED Lights and their fascinating history by visiting their website. Another great thing about Truck Lite LED Lights is that they are approved by both the Department of Transportation (DOT)  and the Department of Defense (DOD).That’s right Truck Lite LED Lights are found on everything; from over the road  class 8 trucks, medium duty trucks and semis to America’s fighting vehicles!

Truck Lite LED Lights are available at any one of their 10 facilities located in both North America and Europe. However, they are headquartered out of Falconer, New York. This proudly gives them manufacturing space of well over a million square feet. They also have numerous distributors around the globe. You can order your Truck Lite LED Lights in both a traditional brick and mortar store as well as online.

It has never been easier to get your Truck Lite LED Lights. So whether you’re looking to replace a light, change out your entire truck lights, or update your entire fleet Truck Lite has what you need.

Do you use Truck Lite LED Lights? Do you prefer LED lights? When was the last time you considered your options? Let us know by adding your comments.



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