10 Tips To Make Your Truck Radio Best Travel Companion

Make Your Truck Radio The Best Travel Companion

Participate in providing traffic info and earn rewards

With that in mind, you can actually make your truck radio work for you. That’s right. Your truck radio can be more than a means to break the silence or give local updates. Say you found out about the above mentioned issue, and were directed to wait overnight before proceeding. You could share that information with other truck drivers operating in the same area.

Many stations not only have websites but apps as well. Through these they sponsor contests and other reward programs. By participating your earn points toward rewards programs, coupons, and even occasional cash prizes. Who would have thought your truck radio could do all that?

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This is a great way to stay connected with the local area, fellow truckers, and kill the potential boredom that even the toughest among us can feel. Let your truck radio be more than just a distraction.

Listen to special truck drivers’ radio stations to learn new things

So much in the trucking industry is specialized, actually marketed and targeted to the truck driver and the life as a truck driver. Aftermarket details and gadgets are there to make your truck stand out, specialty seats, mud flaps, and more. Truck stops are specifically designed with the trucker in mind.


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So just like everything in the trucking industry there are trucker radio stations.

Simply tune your truck radio in and get all the latest information about the trucking world. Just do quick internets search of ‘truck driver radio stations’ and page after page will appear. Of course some are more popular than others and some are better than others. This is a matter of personal taste.

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The great thing about these is the fact they are geared towards the trucking industry. They give weather reports in a manner that relates to you. The news will cover updates and changes to regulations and such. They can offer a lot of useful information and advices.

The best part is they often are national but with local affiliates. So you get the best of both worlds. You can listen to your favorite station as you cross the nation and still get local weather, road, and news reports. So find the one you like best, download their apps, tune your truck radio in that channel and enjoy the trip.


So in reality a good truck radio is much more than just entertainment. They can really be like having an actual companion in the truck. A good truck radio is like the invisible friend a child has. Only this one can be heard and it is ok to sing alone with him/her. And they won’t make fun of you for the way you sing!

Just remember, the intention of a radio is not as a distraction, but as entertainment. As a way to stay informed on matters that are important to you. They can also be a way to gain rewards by being part of a station’s club or program. It’s a good companion that will keep you awake while you are driving, so, a good truck radio is as important as your GPS, your laptop, and many of the apps you download to your smart phone.

What is your favorite station? Were you a driver before satellite radio? How would you entertain yourself in the areas where there were no stations? Do you have a favorite brand of truck radio?

As always we love to hear from you, so share your thoughts and ideas.



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