Oilfield Driving Jobs – 10 Incredible Facts

Source: www.glassdoor.com

Source: www.glassdoor.com

Since oilfield driving jobs imply working in harsh conditions, it is essential that the oilfield truck driver has leadership skills, to get to know how to perform the dangerous tasks.

Healthy, Fit and Ready for Anything

If you are considering to become oilfield truck driver, you should be healthy, fit, and ready for anything at any time. Oil Fields, therefore, require a high level of strength.

Source: www.youtube.com

Source: www.youtube.com

Fortunately, nowadays we can witness a lot of trucking companies providing fitness for their truck drivers. Oilfield trucking jobs require more physical activity, than other truck driving jobs are.

4. These Are The Best Places For Oilfield Driving Jobs

Speaking of the 10 incredible facts about oilfield driving jobs, I must reveal to you few of the best places where you can find oilfield driving jobs.

As it can be seen by the surveys that were conducted all across the USA, the most famous among all states by their oilfield driving jobs is the State of Texas.

Thereupon, Texas has always been famous for its oil business. In fact, the two top cities for oilfield driving jobs are Houston and Beaumont-Port Arthur.

Source: www.oilfieldjobshop.com

Source: www.oilfieldjobshop.com

Furthermore, these are few of the top oil-rich states in the USA:

  • Texas;
  • California;
  • Alaska;
  • New Mexico;
  • Oklahoma;
  • Utah;

5. Oil Is Wealth: Not Just For Producers, But For Oil Field Drivers As Well

The main reason why many truck drivers reconsider the option to enter in oilfield truck driving is mainly due to the salary. This sector of the trucking industry is offering higher salaries than are the other sectors in the trucking industry (ex. Oilfield truck are more profitable than reefer trucks are).


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Yet, it all depends upon few facts and figures.

Speaking of that, there are many oilfield truck drivers that can confirm the fact that oil is wealth. For more precise oilfield driver’s salary information, I would suggest you take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Source: www.oilfieldjobshop.com

Source: www.oilfieldjobshop.com

It is crystal clear that there is a wide salary range, it all depends on different oilfield trucking jobs. Thereupon, the statistics of the following two fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites show the real deal about oilfield driving jobs salary in the previous year:

  • According to com the average oilfield driving job salary was around $74.000 per year;
  • On the other hand, we have com, on this site it was reported that the salaries range from $30.000 to $60.000;

6. The Regulations For Oilfield Truck Drivers Are Bit Relaxed

The regulations for oilfield truck drivers are bit relaxed, that is a fact. Yet, this fact brings both positive as well as a negative outcome to the oilfield truck drivers.

Well, on the negative side we can see that oilfield truck drivers are exempt from the hours of service rules. Oilfield truck drivers can work up to 20 hours or more in a row.

But, on the positive side, this type of exemption is bringing higher incomes to oilfield truck drivers.

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

If we make a comparison between the oilfield truck driving jobs and the typical commercial truck driving jobs, we can see that the commercial truck driver must take 34 hours off after working 60 hours, whereas the oilfield truck driver can take off to 24 hours.

In the center of these exemptions, we can see that oilfield truck drivers are definitely more tired than other truck drivers who are working in other sectors of the trucking industry.  That is just one of the reasons why oilfield truck drivers do cause accidents every now and then.

7. There Are Diverse Dangers Oilfield Driving Jobs Bring

The most evident proof that there are diverse dangers oilfield driving jobs brings, is the study that was conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Thereupon, this study showed that oilfield truck drivers are 8 times more likely to die in comparison to workers from other industries are. In fact, the oil transportation and warehousing industries are experiencing significantly higher rate of job-related casualties.

At the same time, it was notable that more than half of the accidents that were caused by oilfield truck drivers were due to long hours.

Source: www.shoresidepetroleum.com

Source: www.shoresidepetroleum.com

As I mentioned previously the regulations for oilfield truck drivers are bit relaxed. Then again, oilfield truck drivers are driving long routes, long hours, and they experience fatigue faster than other truck drivers, which later on results as potential danger factor.

Unfortunately, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health confirmed that among all diverse factors that result as dangers to oilfield truck drivers, there is one more factor that truck drivers are causing it by themselves- no seat belts usage.

All in all, it is true that there are diverse dangers present in the oilfield transportation process that is why truck drivers should be extremely precautious.

8. Accidents With Oilfield Trucks Are Different Than Commercial Truck Accidents

Since I mentioned that there are diverse dangers oilfield jobs bring, I must go into details and tell you few facts and figures about the accidents with oilfield trucks.

Did you know that accidents with oilfield trucks are in fact different than commercial truck accidents?

Well, that is so because oilfield trucks are larger and more dangerous than other commercial vehicles.

Source: www.abc13.com

Source: www.abc13.com

The toughest oilfield truck accidents, in fact, have happened on small local country roads. That is so because truck drivers are not that familiar with the area in which they are driving.

Oilfield truck accidents are more dangerous than commercial truck accidents largely because the spilling of oil can result in serious injuries to the people driving on the road as well as to local residents, and others.

9. Nowadays Oilfield Truck Drivers Are Safer Drivers With Smarter Technology

There are 100 tools that can help trucking companies lead their fleets in a safer way than before. These days we can witness a lot of trucking companies using smarter technology, in fact, there are a lot of truck drivers that will tell you they are safer drivers nowadays thanks to that technology.



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