OTR Drivers JobOTR Drivers Job - All You Need To Know Before Starting a Career

OTR Drivers Job: All You Need To Know When Starting a Career

Majority of the risks comes from fatigue, which also generates safety risk due the lack of concentration and blurry vision.

There are also more psychological conditions such as loneliness that can lead to depression.

What do I need to qualify for OTR job?

First of all, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – FMCSA, truck drivers must obtain a commercial driver’s license to operate vehicles over 26,001 pounds of gross vehicle weight.

Also, if you are look for a job that involves transporting hazardous materials or oversized cargo, you must obtain special endorsements and a (CDL) in your home state, as well as knowledge test and Transportation Security Administration – TSA threat assessment.

Most companies will look for drivers who meet following criteria:

  • A state-issued Class A CDL
  • The appropriate endorsements like HAZMAT, passenger, double-triple,
  • A clean motor vehicle history and a
  • A good driving record
  • Having no problem with being away from home while sitting for long periods of time
  • Good customer service and communication skills for interacting with clients and suppliers
  • Basic-level mechanics knowledge for performing maintenance duties
  • An attention to detail and a commitment to safety

Here is one OTR Truck Driver Resume Sample that I found on Cover Letter and Resume:


Benjamin Frank
482 Crystal Way, Denver, CO 801992
(999) 999-9999, frank @ email . com

A physically agile truck driver with five years of experience working “over the road”. Expansive knowledge of the directives provided by the Department of Transportation and local regulations. Track record of working out long routes using GPS and traffic information systems


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  • Reined in a rollercoaster delivery project that spanned three months – made seven round trips between two states during this time span
  • Trained a group of co-drivers to work long routes as OTR drivers in a minimal allotted time
  • Reached delivery goals constantly for the previous four year and awarded with three awards of excellence
  • Introduced and implemented a program coined “Long Route Safety” which served as road rules for OTR drivers


OTR Truck Driver | Schneider, Denver, CO | 06/2013 – Present

  • Drove heavy duty trucks and trailers over long routes
  • Plan long trips in order to mesh in breaks, fuel stops and weather conditions
  • Chart out appropriate route using maps and GPS
  • Assist with loading and unloading goods onto the truck
  • Ensure that all freight paperwork is on order and that goods are secured safely
  • Collect freight charges as instructed on papers
  • Check shipping papers to familiarize self with nature of items and any hazardous materials onboard
  • Ensure timely delivery of goods to the consignee
  • Take signatures of consignee on delivery papers
  • Inspect vehicle to ensure that it is in proper working condition before venturing on a long route
  • Troubleshoot any problems with the vehicle along the way

Loader | Enterprise Freight Forwarders, Denver, CO | 01/2011 – 04/ 2013

  • Loaded and unloaded freight onto trucks
  • Ensured appropriate packaging and seals of outgoing shipment
  • Made sure that all shipping papers are in order
  • Performed manual movement of boxes from storage area to the delivery pallet
  • Drove short haul delivery trucks and forklifts

Training for OTR Job

Although you can get drivers license at 18 years old, only after 21 years old you can drive interstate.

To learn how to operate large commercial trucks, drive on city streets and highways, and finally to take CDL test, you can go through available training programs.

These courses include instructions about the regulations long-haul trucking and behind the wheel training on loaded and unloaded trailers.

Especially useful thing you will get is pairing with experienced drivers as part of completing on the job training,


OTR drivers are having truly exciting life. Still, the truckers lifestyle, or should I say perception of their lifestyle, is the main reason why small number of young people chose this profession.

If you are considering being an OTR truck driver, the best thing would be going on a run with the driver to get the idea of the job. If not, do some research. There are plenty of useful sources on this matter.



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