How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

How To Do A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

  1. Firstly, the interior should be rinsed. That goes for both decks no matter if one of the decks was not used.
  2. Secondly soap should be applied accordingly to the label instructions, to both the exterior and the interior surfaces;
  3. The washing should be done from the top going down. First the exterior is washed and after that the interior, including the ramps and shovels, as well as the dirty and clean boxes.
  4. It is a “must” to apply disinfectant to all exterior surfaces firstly and after that the same process is done to the interior surfaces.
  5. The disinfectant should stay as long as it is written in the label instructions. After the contact time finishes , both the exterior and the interior surfaces should be washed;

It is good to note that after washing, the trailer should be left to drain off the excess water. There is always option for heat assisted drying.

Trailer Washout

Trailer washout is of a great importance since trailers are barely ventilated. The air flow of the trailer depends from the speed of the vehicle. Trucking companies all across USA are transporting all kind of goods, and they should pay attention for the environmental and health criteria.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

In order to do so trucking companies and truck drivers should perform regular truck wash. That includes trailer wash and most importantly trailer washout.

You must do a trailer washout regularly in order to have micro-environmentally clean trailer. By having micro-environmentally clean trailer you will build a good reputation for your transportation company.

The process of trailer washout can be done in 7 steps:

  1. Before starting the washout, the person who is doing it should check and reassure if there is any odor in the trailer;
  2. If there is no odor and contamination in the trailer a mixture of Quat is made. Before starting the procedure the concentration of Quat should be checked;
  3. Both the container walls and floors should be washed away with water from the city water supply;
  4. The next step after washing the container walls and floors , they should be sprayed with Quat solution;
  5. Later , an inspection should be done , in order to see if the trailer is washed perfectly;
  6. The person that is doing the washout should record the process of washout in the container inspection form;
  7. After the inspection if everything is fine and the washout meets the criteria , the driver should be issued an invoice.

Special Types Of Truck Wash

Nowadays you can find all different truck washing companies that are offering special types of truck wash. These special types of truck wash can be:

  • Mobile Truck Wash;
  • Semi-Truck Wash;
  • Brush Truck Wash;
  • Self-service Truck Wash;
  • Live Cattle Truck Wash;


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These truck wash services differ a lot. You can read about the main features of these services further in this article. Read and choose which service is the one that suits you best.

Mobile Truck Wash

When you are considering using a mobile truck wash you should take into consideration two things:

  • Your property ,and
  • Your neighbors;

Since your property is very important to you and the good relations with your neighbors, when choosing mobile truck wash, you should do it carefully. Before choosing a mobile truck wash company you should do a good research about the reputation of that company.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Mobile truck washes are providing the following services:

  • Truck scale cleaning;
  • Ice removal from the footings;
  • Heavy equipment decreasing;
  • Aluminum brightening;

Mobile truck wash is one of the least expensive methods of truck washing. Most of the mobile truck washes are equipped well and are able to wash hundreds of vehicles a day. Mobile truck washes perform the washing on concrete and pavement.

After finishing the process of washing, the mobile washing company collects the water from the surface. Another positive thing about mobile truck wash companies is that they can do the washing thorough the whole day. They can perform the washing in the early morning, during the day, late at night.

Mobile truck wash companies are using biodegradable soaps and brushes that won’t scratch your truck. As well some companies are providing the service of cosmetic cleaning.

Choose a mobile truck wash in order to get your wheels, rims, windows, and mirrors shiny.

If you we’re wondering about the quality of the work that mobile truck washes are offering are good, now you can be sure that it is. These mobile washing companies are offering high quality service and at the same time they are caring for the environment- are environmentally friendly.

Semi Truck Wash

Semi-Truck washes are an effective way to brighten up your truck. This truck wash differs from other truck washes because it is usually automated washing system. Automated truck washing system offers a better and deeper cleaning than other types of washing systems. This system will leave your truck sparkling.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Automated truck washes are using biodegradable chemical application, that washes quickly all the dirt that is on your truck.

Semi-truck washing can be done in a few ways: touch free design, custom design and full maintenance design.

The specialty of touch free design system is that during this process brushes are not used. This is the most un-harmful way of washing your truck. If you are using this type of truck washing you might be able to reduce the maintenance costs.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Custom design is what most truck companies prefer. They prefer this type of truck washing because the truck washing company can adapt to your requirements. With custom design washing you can include parts of truck washing techniques from each washing service that the company is providing to its customers.

Truck maintenance design washing for sure will meet your needs for washing your truck. A really good thing for this kind of truck wash is that it won’t take a lot of time. The employees in the washing companies that are offering these services are trained in a way to pay attention to get the work done in a short period of time but still to make the truck shine bright.

Therefore, mostly truck washing companies have a drive in through truck wash system. In order for your truck to get the maximum from this truck was system is to drive slowly about 1-2 feet per second.



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