Pros And Cons Of Truck Driver YouTube Channels

Pros And Cons Of Truck Driver YouTube Channels

If you start YouTubing, then you create a personality online.

  • Keeps you awake
  • It keeps your mind active
  • Talking boosts your energy
  • Encourages others to consider truck driving as a career
  • Become famous

Besides these above-mentioned benefits of trucking and YouTubing, you are making money while you are driving.

How amazing is that?

What makes a Trucking YouTuber into Professional Trucking YouTuber?

For the new truck drivers, may be tough but after several years of experience, a driver becomes a professional. Furthermore, they are not afraid nor frugal to share useful and helpful tips for the trucking industry.

Professional drivers are not those that drive certain types of freight. On the contrary, those are drivers with years of experience, dedicated their life to their profession and are passionately in love with what they do.


Continually, they are capable of doing multiple things at the same time. For example,

  • Driving and singing along
  • Looking on the road and looking at their map, delivery screen
  • Hitting the road and YouTubing
  • Knows how to find a safe truck stop

Moreover, they are strong and their capabilities have built themselves into professionals and you cannot grow into one over the night. Accordingly, they know how to handle a certain situation or avoid one.

  • Professional truck drivers are always acting as professionals
  • They are respecting the safety regulations
  • Professionals are happier drivers
  • They easily cope with Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations
  • They can transport any kind of freight

Popular Truck Driving YouTube Channels

The following truck driver YouTubers are loving their job as truck drivers and it is very inspirational. They have thousands of followers on their YouTube channels and people are peeking into their daily lives. Their goal is to motivate people through their lives.

They are all there sharing different inputs while keeping their different senses of humor that their viewers love. As an illustration, the following truckers are all professionals and are the influencers in the trucking industry. In brief, their lives are truly inspiring and are motivational for their visitors as well.

Every one of these truck driving YouTubers has made it to the hall of truck driver popularity. They all offer amazing content that viewers find either helpful or funny. Furthermore, they are showing something that cannot be seen on a regular day.


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They are showing a whole new side of trucking and slightly surprisingly, they are showing their love for the trucking as occupation Point often overlooked, maybe that is the reason that has made them popular.

The Jade & John Show

One thing that is more fun and adventurous than being a truck driver, is a team truck driver. Markedly, John and Jade are married and are professionally involved in the trucking industry as team drivers. They are on the road in the coldest other snowy weather to a warm weather to hardly breathe in air.


Moreover, John and Jade have been together for a long time. To point out, they were going to school together and now they are hitting the roads together. They are really popular on the social networks and have nearly 30,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Since they are living their life on the road, they have practically moved everything they need in their truck. With this in mind, they are sleeping and eating in their truck etc. Every couple wanna-be team driving, can learn from them and in order to learn from them, you can visit their pages on the social networks.

If you are one of these couples, you can visit them on of their social networks. Hence, you will see how they agree, disagree about things etc. You will also have the chance to see how amazing the trucking life is to them, truck driving became their lifestyle, and they love it. They are the greatest example of driving as a team and every couple considering to drive as a team can take it from them.

Love wins, after all.

John Drury

Known as the Big John, Drury is a role model for many truck drivers. John is currently working for Cowan Systems. He has been in the trucking industry for 13 years which makes him a professional. Over the years, he made it between one of the most famous truck driver YouTube channels.

His stories are so motivational and besides moving America forward with trucking, he also moves people forward in life. Furthermore, he motivates them to lead a healthy life, no matter their age or more importantly, their profession.


Drury’s idea of YouTubing is showing that even if you fail in life, you must not give up, ever. Henceforth, you can always get up on your feet and punch the dark side of life right in the face. According to his point of view, the progress consists of tons of failures.

That is what Drury did, even though life turned his back on him, Drury continued chasing after his passion and happiness. That is how he discovered truck driving.

He has one of the most inspirational truck driver YouTube channels with nearly 40 followers. Although he leads a sedentary life, just like every other trucker, he did not stop there. He started attending Zumba classes and he lost nearly 50 lbs.

Moreover, he is now an inspirational Zumba teacher. Due to his dancing classes, people call him “The Dancing Trucker”.  By the same token, with every 10 lbs lost, he teaches Zumba class in his town Cincinnati, Ohio.

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For instance, it is the same with other professions. If a person loves his occupation he will not consider it as a job but a lifestyle and will gracefully represent himself as one. Therefore, being a truck driver is a lifestyle for him.

Allie Knight

Lost in her decisions and unable to find herself in any of the jobs she previously had, Allie Knight decided to become a truck driver.



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