Pros and Cons Of Being a Dump Truck Driver

Pros and Cons Of Being a Dump Truck Driver

What Are the Disadvantages of Being Dump Truck Driver

If you decide to be in this business you will face some negative sides that are not easy to handle.

  • It is seasonal job – we all know that in winter every industry that is exposed to open conditions is on sleep mode until there are optimal working conditions. Since being dump truck driver link you directly to construction industry which is on standby in winter, your service will suffer downtime during that period.
  • City traffic can cause headaches to any dump truck driver – it is not easy to drive in the traffic with full load dump truck. Your driving maneuvers are limited and sudden braking can cause instability of your vehicle and your load too. The price of a little mistake that you can make in the middle of the traffic jam can be high. The damage can be catastrophic and knowing this can make your job very stressful
  • Instability of the ground where you loading your truck – dump truck driver have to check the ground for ground holes, wet ground. All of this can cause instability on the truck
  • You need to learn to drive very precise because sudden move from one lane to another can unbalance the truck and the load too, which can be dangerous for every driver around you (including you)
  • You need to have special permits to be a dump truck driver
  • You do not have regular working hours – since your job is connected with construction industry you will work when they have need of you. Night shifts are common for a dump truck driver.


Doing any kind of job has strong and weak spots; dump truck driver job is not exception of that. We can measure everything and if the advantages of doing that job are overweight the disadvantages we should keep doing what we are doing.

Maybe you as a dump truck driver need to work under extreme weather conditions and learn to meet the FMCSA safety regulations, but if you are good in that job and you having opportunity to make a successful career or make your family secured, keep going. You have pros and cons of being dump truck driver and it is up to you to choose is it the right job for you.

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