Rent a Car Reviews: What It Really Takes To Attract a Review

So, that way you have a win win situation, because you will have a proof about your staff not working in a proper way, and you will have the chance to improve that and to attract only good reviews.

Simply said, rent a car reviews about your business will hold your employees’ way more accountable for their actions than they were so far.


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Stress the importance of reviews to your employees

Rent a car reviews mean everything for rent a car businesses!


Therefore, not only that you as a company owner will have to pay attention to attracting reviews, but your employees should do the same too. So, go ahead and make sure that all of your employees are well familiar with the importance that rent a car reviews have for your business.

Advice your employees to use every chance and to ask your customers for showing politeness and for asking reviews.

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Leave a Review

To get on the real side, it might even happen to yourself- you are enjoying a great rent a car service and you have decided to leave a great review about it, yet,  you are facing difficulties doing so due to the complexity of company’s website.

Well, rent a car companies should leave that far behind if they want to attract rent a car reviews. In addition, if you want to make your customers to leave reviews you will have to make things easy for them- as easy as possible.

Here is one great example that all rent a car companies can take the use of it on their way of attracting a review- try to include a link on your website or on the other platforms that your business is using, that will bring customers directly to a review platform- that way you will bring your customers way closer to leaving a great review.

In other words, with a simple click you can lead your customers to leave a review.

Attract A Review Via Incentives

Many rent a car companies these days are avoiding attracting a review via incentives.

But, on the opposite side the rent a car companies that have started giving incentives to their customers state that they are experiencing great results.


Nonetheless, it is always beneficial to give your customers some extra motivation so that they can leave a review, also incentives tend to increase the customer experience.

Well, only companies that are providing great services can keep their customer happy and that means more positive reviews.

Use Surveys To Get Customer Responses

On the other hand you have those customers that are experiencing great services from your company, yet they have never left rent a car review for your business. Well, there are many reasons behind it, amongst which it might be due to their laziness or due to their inability to type good or not having the right idea what to say.

It is due to this type of customers that businesses have started implementing surveys on a regular basis so that they can get customer responses and by that to get reviews.


Thereupon, if you do not know how to make a survey, I would suggest you to pay a visit on the following sites: Zoho Survey, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, SoGo Survey, Survey Planet and so on. These sites will give you a perfect example on how your surveys should look like.

Yet, surveys not only that are beneficial for attracting a review, but also surveys are great for rent a car businesses that are open to new creative improvement ideas. Via the survey you can engage your clients to reveal their opinion on what is your business doing well and what shall be upgraded.

Besides getting reviews out of the survey, you can also place the results on your website or on the other platforms that your business is using. All in all we can see that surveys are excellent for getting customer feedback.

Try different types of social proof

In addition to surveys, it is always recommendable for rent a car companies that are looking forward to attract a review to try different types of social proof too. Other ways to attract and generate a social proof is via using crowds, celebrities or experts.

Why Potential Customers Care About Online Reviews

Potential customers will look after your rent a car reviews, be ready about that.

Actually the reason behind potential customers looking after your rent a car reviews is due to the fact that rent a car reviews are somewhat of a guarantee that has been given by existing customers of a particular company. Simply said, via the reviews existing customers are offering a source of value that potential customers are looking forward to read before they make the final decision.


Believe it or not, the surveys have shown that nowadays there are more than 50% of customers that do judge businesses upon the reviews and experiences that customers have had.

If a potential customer reads a negative rent a car review about your company, then be sure that he/she will not even open your website to go further into your business.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

Free ebook

Henceforth, by this we can see that people do prefer to read reviews before they get to use rent a car services.

So make sure that you check the outcome from your customer’s reviews on all platforms that your business is using.

Connect With Customers via Storytelling

Conversions and reviews can be increased with the concept of storytelling.

Moreover, it is good to know that the reviews that have the same impact of telling a story can contribute in attracting customers- there are 80% chances of so.

It will simply help your customer connect with another customer’s experience.

So story telling is somehow of a large review. By storytelling customers can reveal the real experience in details and by that they are providing potential customers with what they can expect if they visit and use the services of your rent a car company. Simply said, stories do create a connection by at the same time generating social proof which is essential for businesses.


To enumerate, as you had the chance to read in this article- the concept of attracting rent a car reviews includes taking few actions and steps, yet the whole process remains to be quite simple.



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