The Right Approach to Combat the Trucker Shortage Issue

Money is top of mind for all truck drivers, especially for new truck drivers. The combination of providing good working conditions and a competitive wage is the best way to lure in truck drivers.


Benefits for truck drivers can include the following points:

  • Medical Insurance;
  • Dental Insurance;
  • Vision Insurance;
  • Prescription Medication Coverage;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Retirement Plans;
  • Paid Vacation and Holidays;
  • Job Security;

Once a truck driver makes more than the industry’s median salary, be sure that he will not leave your trucking company. After all, compensation is crucial and building driver-centric company is equally important as well.

Create Safety Driving Policies

Truck drivers know what it takes to perform the transportation process in a safe and time-efficient way. Still, not all of them are following the rule of safe driving, and every now and then it is contributing to the trucker shortage.

Moreover, trucking companies should encourage good driving on a regular basis. So, what a better way to do that than by creating safety driving policies?


Trucking companies by having safe driving policies are at the same time protecting their truck drivers and are keeping their good reputation. What customers respect the most are safe deliveries.

Here is what trucking companies can achieve by creating safety driving policies:

  • Save Money;
  • Increase Productivity;
  • Improve Workplace For Your Truck Drivers;
  • Increase The Wellbeing;
  • Be Compliant With The Law;
  • Lower The Insurance Premiums;
  • Improve Productivity;
  • Lower Crash Repair Bills;
  • Lower Maintenance Costs;
  • Reduce Payments;

Thereupon, safety driving policies can help trucking companies combat trucker shortage and will make company truck drivers be more responsible.

Combat Trucker Shortage with New Technological Advancements

Over the last few years the trucking industry is experiencing a digital transformation due to the new technological advancements.

These days truckers who are part of the trucking industry can take the advantage of workflow technology including cloud-based software, tablets, phone apps, and much more.


It seems like the new technological advancements can help trucking companies combat trucker shortage after all.

Technologies seem to be the light at the end of the trucker shortage tunnel.

In that direction, trucking companies should invest in the digital revolution if they want to improve their transportation services and combat trucker shortage.

But, why do I suggest trucking companies invest in the digital revolution?

Well, it is quite simple, the new technology gadgets that are specialized for the trucking industry can definitely ensure truck drivers to run in a safe and efficient manner, as well the digital revolution can help trucking companies to grow their workforce and straight proportionally to combat trucker shortage.


In addition, when speaking about technology gadgets I must share with you that the in-cab technology is enabling truck drivers to drive in a safer way by monitoring their health at the same time. In-cab technologies can help truck drivers as well to remove distractions.

How To Introduce Technology To Your Truck Drivers

Truck drivers, especially the elder ones are taking the decision to implement electronic logging device stressful.

Electronic logging devices can be seen as a component of a broader mobile fleet management solution.


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In fact, electronic logging devices are of a great importance to truck drivers, because these devices are increasing fuel efficiency, improving safety, as well as navigating the truck-approved routes.

These technological devices are covered by the rule 395.15 given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA.

Truck drivers can use ELD only if:

  • The ELD is connected to the truck’s engine- with the aim to keep records when the truck is in motion;
  • By logging: on-duty, off-duty or on-duty not driving;
  • Graphically display a Record of duty status;

The ELD can be found in a number of sizes and shapes. The benefits that electronic logging devices are bringing range far beyond paper savings. Thanks to the electronic logging devices trucking companies are in the position to:

  • Decreasing fuel costs- it can be achieved by constant monitoring of excessive truck idle times or speeding events;
  • Lowered Total Crash Rates-have significantly lower total crash rate and a lower crash rate;
  • Reduced Truck Downtime- With ELDs trucking companies can reduce vehicle downtimes for 15%;

Solve Truck Driver Turnover Rate

The only thing that can solve truck driver turnover rate, is leading a well-balanced lifestyle on the road. It is what can help truck drivers to enjoy the best conditions and a life full of satisfaction.

This not only that will bring a better commodity to truck drivers, but as well it will encourage them to pay more attention to the quality of the transportation process.

Moreover, trucking companies can solve truck driver turnover rate by offering their truck drivers better working conditions, better trucks, and equipment.


Still, driver retention remains to be the biggest issue that trucking companies are facing with.

Thereupon, all trucking company owners should focus on keeping good truckers, rather than letting them slip away.

Here are some tips that are recommendable for trucking companies to implement when aiming to solve truck driver turnover rate:

  • Give tips to your truck drivers where they can find healthy meals- This is crucial, because healthy meals can provide energy and alertness throughout the day;
  • Recognize your truck drivers- Make effort to let your truck drivers know that they are appreciated;
  • Provide your truck drivers’ fulfillment- Encourage your truck drivers to perform the tasks that can help them relax. Work-life balance is of a great importance;
  • Make sure that they are respecting the Hours of Service (HOS)- Drivers who are following these rules, in general are having adequate sleep. Straight proportionally, to that they are in the position to prevent fatigue and health issues;
  • Encourage team building;

Invest In Trucker Education

Investing in trucker education can be the right approach to combat trucker shortage.

If a trucking company creates an extensive training program and is investing in trucker education continuously, then straight proportionally it becomes more attractive to future truck drivers.



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