How To Run A Successful Trucking Company – Trucking Expert Advice

This determination is of a great importance because there are different rules that apply to local truck drivers and over the road truck drivers.


So, as you can see, in order for you to run a successful trucking company in an industry that transports about 66% of truck tonnages, you should take care about the compliance to all rules and regulations.

Comply With All Trucking Specific Business Licenses, Permits and Forms

In addition to all the rules and regulation that a successful trucking company should respect, I will add up as well the specific business licenses, permits as well as forms.

Therefore, the specific business licenses, permits, and forms can vary depending on the type of trucking business plan that you will make.


Henceforth, if you want to run a successful trucking company you will have to get:


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Yet, dependently on the services that your trucking company is offering, when hiring a truck driver you should pay attention if the potential trucker has obtained special drivers permits and endorsements.

Get The Right Equipment and The Best Customers

How to run a successful trucking company? Well, one of your first steps should be getting the right equipment and by that attracting the best customers. These two points will definitely raise your trucking business to the top.

This step will be the most expensive one that you as a leader of a trucking company will face. But, it is one of the most far-reaching at the same time.

Remember: Nothing bad will happen with your trucking business if you start small.


In fact, almost all trucking companies in the USA have been incorporated with only one or two truck, yet they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and have transformed into the best trucking companies nationwide. Have this in mind!

Tip: When choosing the right equipment for your trucking company, first of all, you should determine the type of freight that you are going to be hauling. That is so because different types of freight will require different types of trailers and equipment.


On the other hand, there are people in the U.S. trucking industry that are choosing to incorporate a trucking company with leased equipment. But, have in mind that leasing equipment can be more complicated than buying trucks, trailers, and additional equipment.

To put it differently, load boards are extremely competitive, this is one more reason why you should get the best trucks, trailers, and equipment for your trucking company. On the negative side, load boards every now and then can provide only one-off loads, but I will discuss this later.


Thereupon, by getting the best equipment and by operating in compliance with all the rules and regulations while performing safe and on-time pickups and deliveries, your trucking company will achieve a high rating in the trucking industry.

By the time your trucking company achieves a high rating in the trucking industry, it will attract the best customers. Building a customer list is hard work, but it can come easily if your truck drivers are giving 100% while performing load transportation.

Save Money on Fuel

In general, the trucking industry in the USA is the biggest fuel spender.

Trucking companies being aware of this fact have started looking for ways and means how to reduce their fuel costs. As a matter of fact, fuel expenses can be up to 40% of a trucking company’s operating expenses.


How can you as a leader contribute to lowering the fuel expenses and remain running a successful trucking company?

Well, these days it is not as hard as you might be thinking.  That is so because there are companies that have made fuel cards as well as fuel optimization tools. As an example, I will take Fueloyal. Fueloyal has developed and integrated a Fuel Optimization tool that can bring up to $300 on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, fuel cards can help your trucking company in controlling and managing the fuel purchases. By using a fuel card you will as well get benefits such as IFTA reporting information, fuel theft protection as well as fuel management tools.

Get Back Office Help

Running a successful trucking company requires making time for paperwork.

Contacting your customers for a payment comes altogether with completing your trucking business’ paperwork.


I will as well suggest you get in touch with the best factoring company. Factoring companies can bring benefits for your trucking company because they will collect from your customers for you. Straight proportionally that will leave you time to focus on more important aspects of your trucking company.

Choosing the best back office help will definitely place you on the path of running a successful trucking company.

Perform The Transportation Process Smarter Not Harder

When you learn how to perform the transportation process smarter, not harder, it is then when you will run a successful trucking company. That is so because trucking is mainly about choosing a transportation process that is smarter!


Once you choose to work smarter you will notice how your trucking business slowly but surely starts to grow. Providing steady and reliable work can mean everything, what you will have to do is to put the focus on the relationship with your loyal customers.

Know Your Expenses

A successful trucking company always knows its expenses. In fact, it is the number one thing that can lead a trucking company to make more money and staying for a long time in the trucking industry.



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