Specialized Transportation: Everything You Have To Know

Moreover, there are two types of car transportation services that the trucking companies are offering, and those services are:

  1. Door to door- simplifies the auto transport process;
  2. Terminal to terminal- with this kind of service you will achieve significant savings;

Also, besides choosing the type of services, whether you want it to be door to door, or terminal to terminal, you can also choose whether you want your cars to be transported with open, or enclosed trailer.

2. Dry Bulk Transportation

If you’ve been wondering how the dry materials, such as are the flour, sugar, or cement get to their final destination, then you should know that is done with the help of the dry bulk transportation.

Later on, since dry materials come in large quantities, this has been found as one of the best means of transportation.

Source: www.opwglobal.com
Source: www.opwglobal.com

Dry bulk trailers are providing safe load transportation thanks to the materials that it has been manufactured with- aluminum and steel. In general dry bulk trailer are capable of transporting loads that are from 560 up to 3100 cubic feet. Not only that dry bulk trailers can handle large amounts of loads, they can also handle different kind of materials that include:

  • Sugar, Grains, Flour;
  • Dry chemicals;
  • Cement, Lime, Grains;

Therefore, if you’ve been asking yourself whether dry bulk trailers are allowed to transport hazardous materials, then you should know that the answer to your question is negative. The freight that dry bulks are transporting is in general not hazardous.

Source: www.greshamtransfer.com
Source: www.greshamtransfer.com

Thereupon, dry bulk transportation is expanding in a great measure, because these trailers allow safe transportation, but also because these trailers allow fast loading and fast unloading.

Did you know that dry bulk transportation is inter-connected with the food industry? Of course, it is. Dry bulk trailers are engaged in the transportation of sugar, grains, flour, and so on.

3. Load Combination Vehicles: Double or Triple Trailer Transportation

Since there are a lot of loads that have to be transported we can witness that more and more trucking companies have started with the implementation of load combination vehicles. In general, trucking companies are using double or triple trailers.

Thereupon, double and triple trailers at the same time can contribute to saving money and time. If you are considering to buy some of these load combination vehicles, then you shall know that you are going in the right direction. And why is that so? Well, because load combination vehicles will allow you to save money and at the same time serve your customers more efficiently.

Moreover, trucking companies are mostly using load combination vehicles when their truckers have to transport larger amounts of loads on a long distance. Still, one thing you should know, double and triple trailers do require a special permit to drive. That is so because these long vehicle combinations can increase the risk of accidents on the road.

Source: www.riglogistics.com
Source: www.riglogistics.com

On the other hand, if you are a truck driver and you want to change the direction of your career and start driving double or triple trailers, then, first of all, you should know that besides the regular Class A CDL license, you will also have to obtain certain endorsements.

Hence, there are several types of double trailers:

  1. Rocky Mountain Double Truck:
  2. Turnpike Double Truck
  3. Second Version of Turnpike Double Truck

Above all, double and triple trailers not only that are more difficult for driving because of their weight, but for the same reason, these trucks are considered as dangerous because of their excessive size.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

Speaking of the rules and regulations that double and triple trailers must meet, I must mention that also among all 48 states only 13 of them are allowing their movement on their highways.  Those 13 states are Arizona, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Nevada.

Thereupon, most of the states have set the max length of double and triple trailers to be 105 feet.

4. Overweight and Oversized Load Transportation

Every now and there, you will come to encounter on the highways specialized trucks that are transporting overweight, or that is to say over-sized loads. First of all, what you should know about these trucks, is that there are strict controls when it comes to the weight and the axle loads of these vehicles.


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In order for a wide road network safety to be achieved, each state has managed to set rules and regulations that the truck drivers that are driving this kind of trucks must follow and respect.

Altogether with the rules and regulations, that oversize load trucks must obtain before they get on the road, is an over-dimension permit.

Source: www.cpcs.ca
Source: www.cpcs.ca

Yet, one more thing that you should know about over-dimension vehicles is that there are two types of loads that they are transporting:

  1. Indivisible loads – that is to say the loads that cannot be divided into more sections so that it can be transported;
  2. Divisible loads – this category includes the transportation of loads that can be divided into separate units;

So, when over-dimensional vehicle driver must transport both indivisible, or divisible loads first he must get over-dimension permit. That over-dimension permit  must meet the correct dimension limits, there are different permits for indivisible and divisible loads.

Source: www.mhglb.com
Source: www.mhglb.com

Now, you must be wondering which are the requirements that over-dimensional vehicles must comply with. Thereupon, the over-dimensional permit includes pre-travel route checks, special rules about vehicle lighting, as well as emergency service notifications.

Furthermore, what every truck driver that is operating with an over-dimensional vehicle must take few important things into consideration before starting with the route.

Those few important things include a well-designed route because over-dimensional vehicles cannot fit every road (since there are cables, banners, lawful construction), also you will have to avoid operating such vehicle at night.

In addition, this type of trucking has a lot of restrictions; these restrictions do not allow oversize vehicles to operate when there is a heavy rain, or a fog (that is to say a visibility that is less that 350metres).

5. Hazmat Transportation

Since 1975 the hazmat transportation has been and is still regulated by the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act- HMTA. In fact it is a principal federal law that regulates the hazmat transportation, and sets strict rules that each trucking company that is transporting this type of loads must comply with.



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