10 Ultimate Things to Watch When Buying Used Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks can be a good asset to any transport organization.  Of course it all depends how deep and wide your pockets are, but if you can afford to have this addition to your fleet or to specialized your fleet in this field, then you should not even think about it. All you need in […]

7 Reasons Why Freight Brokers are Actually Evil

In today’s business world there are numerous factors affecting the trucking industry. We have touched on several of these in the past. We are all well aware of the obvious concerns and things such as rising maintenance costs, unpredictable fuel costs, uncontrollable weather patterns, ever changing laws and regulations, and even industry competition. Some of […]

Learn Exclusive Tips How to Protect the Freight

Freight is an essential and ubiquitous part of our economy. Transportation services are needed to deliver raw and intermediate materials to producers and to deliver final products to retailers and final customers. With so many liabilities, regulations, and agencies dabbling in the process it can often seem overwhelming when trying to get freight from point […]

Freight Bill Factoring: Exclusive Ways To Manage Cash Flow

Trucking is a constantly increasing and lucrative business. That’s why it is also highly competitive, especially if you are starting a trucking company. To stay in front of your competitors you have to keep improving in all segments, including: fuel efficiency, organizing your team, getting new solutions on time (like ELD’s), meeting the compliances and […]