The 10 Features To Look For In A Quality Fleet Delivery Tracking

The GPS tracking alerts will keep your fleet with an optimized route resulting in a more safe driving.

Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

Most of the trucking companies are allowing employees to take their trucks or vehicles at home on the weekends and sometimes at nights.

tracking vehicle usage with Fleet Delivery Tracking

Implementing quality tracking devices will allow you to monitor the unauthorized usage of the vehicle.

With the help of the system, you are able to track the vehicle and get a complete record of the driver’s movements in the end.

4. Geofencing

When talking about fleet delivery tracking, devices always offer you interesting and useful features.

Some of the manufacturers make productivity the main feature while others make vehicle management quick and easy.

One considerable benefit of every fleet delivery tracking is the ability to maintain the vehicle’s location in any area.

get geofencing with Fleet Delivery Tracking

By using the alerts, you will know when the vehicle enters or exits the area. The satellite mapping enables you to easily pinpoint the locations and monitor specific sites.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Highlight polylines over the roads and highways to create optimized routes
  2. Create areas around regions for personalized monitoring.
  3. Stay up to date with the vehicle movements at any time

By using the updates of the fleet delivery tracking device, you will stay informed of the fleet activity the entire time.

Fleet Delivery Tracking enables you with geofencing

More importantly, you will be able to see where you have an overlap in the real-time or automated alerts once the vehicles cross a GeoArea.

Setting the geofence as one of the productive features, results in the following:

  • Limiting unauthorized usage of the vehicle
  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Creating highly efficient fleet

5. Driver Logs

Knowing which driver uses which vehicle at a given time is not only useful as your fleet management software but your company as well, mostly if drivers are not using the same vehicle.

I suppose you are wondering: How your business benefits from this feature?

To emphasize, it saves you from complex situations and saves you time. Here is how:

get Fleet Delivery Tracking device with driver logs

Having a report on drivers and vehicle is an effective fleet delivery tracking tool by which you manage the fleet and the drivers’ access to vehicles.

With the driver’s identification, you access his electronic logs with the ease of a reporting dashboard.

In particular, the logs of each driver help the fleet managers know when a driver operated which vehicle and what time interval.

driver logs and Fleet Delivery Tracking

With the help of the advanced fleet GPS tracking, you will keep records of each driver’s habits individually.

Notably, you will be able to track the following:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Track payroll efficiency
  • Employee overtime
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage

The key here is that with the electronic driver logs, you will easily and quickly adjust the fleet to a maximum employee productivity as well as vehicle efficiency.

6. User Dashboard – Accessible at any time

Another marvelous feature of a quality fleet delivery tracking is anytime accessibility of the dashboard.

As shown above, the user dashboard allows you to take advantage of the progress in technology.

Thanks to the dashboard of your GPS tool, nowadays is easy to have all the information in one place.

Fleet Delivery Tracking with user dashboard

To put it in another way, you can put to an end your sleepless nights of creating documents of your fleet reports.

Moreover, the beauty of the dashboard is that there is no hardware required to use it and you can use it from any device.


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Whether you need it for your OTR driver vehicles or a GPS for delivery vehicles, you will be able to track everything in order to increase productivity and safety.

7. Warranty

Back in the days, everything that the trucking industry transported was of a higher quality. From clothing, building materials to devices had years of durability.

Nowadays, there are companies which are using much cheaper materials and elements whose quality lasts less.

As an illustration, it is the key feature to look for in your next fleet delivery tracking device.

search Fleet Delivery Tracking with warranty

Additionally, the highest level of quality creates devices that last for decades, and those are the devices that will eventually help you make progress in your transportation company.

Furthermore, there are these constant changing trends in the industry, and one of them involves the GPS devices.

You need to follow every new trend in the trucking business in order to succeed in this market. It is the only way you will ever beat the competition.

8. Driver Behavior

The high speeding is the greatest factor that drives accident risks and unexpected costs for your fleet as well as overall business.

Do you even think of the risks your drivers face on the road? To be precise, truck drivers face a lot of challenges on the road and sometimes they cannot manage the highway situations like the following are:

  • High Limit Speeding (over a set MPH threshold)
  • Exceeding Posted Speed Limits
  • Hard Braking
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Engine Idling
check driver behavior with Fleet Delivery Tracking

The above-mentioned factors, not only lead to a driver’s safety risk but to additional trucking expenses as well.

With the help of the right fleet delivery tracking tool, you can monitor the driver’s behavior in real time.

In this way, you will significantly benefit in the following:

  • Reduce the safety risks,
  • Avoid transportation costs
  • Improve driver’s behavior.
  • Reduce vehicle repairs
  • Reduce accidents rate
  • Developing safe driving habits

9. Saving Fuel

As mentioned above, every quality device has an option for fuel management. Once you get the fuel management tool, you get the chance to track your expenses regarding the fuel.

Continually, by tracking the fuel expenses, you will be able to see when and where you spend the most cash on.

To put it in a different way, by tracking the expenses, you will see whether you make mistakes or not.



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