Top 10 Dry Van Trucking Companies In U.S.


Thereupon, American National Logistics is offering the following services:

  • Dry van transportation;
  • Refrigerated and dry truckload;
  • Modern fleet;
  • Satellite tracking;
  • On time pick-up and delivery;

Moreover, American National Logistics has trained their truck drivers to completely analyze the transportation requirements (both inbound and outbound freight).


On the other hand, the employees of American National Logistics can also develop a strategic plan for their customers, while managing the overall transportation process straight from the offices.

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Well, what more this trucking company is doing is the following: they are customizing value added solutions with the aim to apply enthusiasm, energy, as well as to meet the needs of their customers.

Not to forget, American National Logistics as one of the leading dry van trucking companies is providing as well 3PL operations, dispatch, and tracking support.

6. Roehl Transport Inc.

Roehl Transportation as one of the best dry van trucking companies has a lot of experience in this field of trucking. Actually, this trucking company was incorporated in 1962.

Nowadays Roehl Transportation is operating with more than 5.200 trailers and 1.900 tractors.


In addition, as one of the leading dry van trucking companies in U.S. Roehl yearly is making $500 million. Yet, one more fact that speaks volumes about the success of this trucking company is the one that their customers include some of the most prestigious brand names in America.

What distinguishes this trucking company from the other trucking companies operating in this industry are the principles that are unquestionably leading them towards success.


Yet, on the positive side, this trucking company has a team of truck drivers that do understand the need to keep the transportation process safe. Actually, that has led them to endure in their work.

Speaking of their truck drivers, they know how to behave in a way that they can show that safety is their priority.

7. Dart Transit Company

Dart Transit Company was incorporated in 1934. Ever since this trucking company is offering only the best transportation solutions to their customers, regardless of the location.

So, since DART is one of the best dry van trucking companies in the USA. Straight proportionally it is providing a comprehensive array of transportation services.

Yet, one more feature that distinguishes this trucking company from the other in the trucking industry is their flexibility, that is to say, the ability to change and adapt quickly to every customer.


Correspondingly, Dart Transit Company is operating with more than 7.500 trailers and tractors that are equipped with the latest technology gadgets, including EDI.

Their truck drivers are always working in compliance with the rules and regulations provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-FMCSA and Occupational Safety Health Administration-OSHA.

Briefly said, this trucking company is a proven innovator and pioneer! One of their best innovations are in regards of the trailers- this trucking company has managed to find a way to increase the cubic trailer capacity by nearly 40%.

8. National Carriers Inc.

If you are looking for a diversified motor carrier, servicing all USA, then you shall take National Carriers into consideration. Not only that this trucking company is known as a diversified motor carrier, but also it is known to be one of the top 10 trucking companies in U.S.

Moreover, their truck drivers have managed to make into reality the mission of this trucking company, and that is to be the safest, customer oriented, as well as a successful motor carrier in the industry.


It is good for you to know that all of their truck drivers have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license, and have undergone additional training. Many truck drivers have even obtained hazmat endorsements.

Safe driving is the foundation of every successful trucking company, and National’s team of truck drivers have proven that it is true.

Also, since National Carriers is one of the leading dry van trucking companies it is featuring a real-time tracking. That is to say, they are offering real-time updates to their customers so that they know what is the precise location and status of their shipments.

9. Transport America

Transport America is delivering excellence to every customer. It is what made this trucking company rise among the top 10 dry van trucking companies in U.S.

This trucking company is widely known to be creating meaningful solutions. Those solutions are enabling their truck drivers to deliver the level of customer service that their customers deserve.


Later on, what else makes this trucking company successful is the technology that they employ in their operations. Transport America is always focused on enhancing the service experience that their customers are receiving.


Moreover, Transport America besides providing dry van truckload services is also offering to their customers’ time-expedited and high-value critical moves. In addition, I would like also to mention that this trucking company has also truck drivers that are hazmat certified.

Keep in mind that Transport America is always providing meaningful solutions.

10. Grimes Trucking Company

Grimes Trucking Company was incorporated in 1972, ever since then, this trucking company is specializing in dry van freight transportation.

Moreover, Grimes not only that is one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the USA, but it is also one of the best dry van trucking companies.

This trucking company became one of the best dry van trucking companies in the USA. It become one of the best dry van trucking companies because of their reliable services; they can offer you the best dry van services ever.


Since Grimes Trucking Company is in the trucking business for more than 40 years, they do know how to select the best truck drivers, with at least 2 years of over the road experience. After all the drivers play the most important role in the overall transportation.



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