Top 10 Minneapolis Trucking Companies

Today, Admiral Merchants is offering superior transportation services. Also, they are using a system of over 1200 pieces. Not to mention, over 300 sales agent which they have located in strategic points. They use this system  throughout the United States and Canada.


5. Benchmark Logistics

Benchmark Logistics is a result of years of experience. That experience was done at McCallum Transfer and Triangle Warehouse companies.

These companies together are working as one. So, they offer the best all-in-one logistics solution. Benchmark Logistics is always improving and growing bigger and better every day.

This company was founded back in 1958 with one single truck.

Today they are a much larger company. Nevertheless, they still feel like a small company because of the family atmosphere.



Benchmark Logistics has one of the most experienced staff. Some of their staff members have has spent their entire career in the industry and others even grew up in this company.

This company is focused on being a one stop shop. Meaning, they are providing all the local and regional logistics needs. Their warehouse building is 500,000 sq ft. And, it is in the center of Minneapolis.

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Benchmark Logistics owns and provides trucking fleet, It consists of pickup trucks, cargo vans, dock trucks, tractors, and a variety of trailers. The diverse equipment they use along with their company employed professional drivers allow them to provide the best service.

6. Logix Transportation

If you decide to go with Logix Transportation, you should never be worried if your driver will know how to load and pad-wrap your special cargo. So, you’ll never need to worry that a truck will pull up without the right equipment to get the job done.

What truly gives the assurance they are good is their experienced operators, the right equipment, and satisfied customers every time.Their management team and their drivers have lots of experience in specialized freight handling.



Therefore that’s all that they do. Besides, all investments they do, can reflect their commitment to their unique requirements. As well as, meeting their requirements of this type of high-touch service. From their dedicated fleet and driver training regimen to the highly regarded customer service.

7. H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson are into global trade and delivering products and goods that drive the world’s economy. With more than a century of industry experience, we know what it takes to manage rapid growth, embrace change, and to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Today, they are the world’s biggest third party logistic providers. Moreover, they are delivering innovative supply chain solutions to more than 113,000 customers across the world.



Nevertheless, if you need truckload services, ocean or air shipping, supply chain consulting, or more make sure to contact them. Because, they use the strengths of their knowledgeable team member. Also, they are using best technology to provide unmatched connectivity, capabilities, and experience.

8. Copeland Trucking

Copeland Trucking has sustained its presence as a reputable service provider for over 50 years now. They have been hard working since 1957.

Copeland Trucking has a rich heritage of delivering the best work with best prices to give customers the needed services.



Copeland Trucking is providing the best service with the newest equipment and technology available to meet their customer’s expectations.

Whether it is their specially designed holding containers, technologically advanced communication system, or their highly-trained staff. So, they can assist you with every type of move.

9. CBase Transport

CBase trucking is a trucking company specialized in intermodal hauling. So, they own a modern fleet of tractors and chassis. They have depot and dispatch teams that are quick and responsive. They handle all hauling requirements with a first – rate assistance.



They are confident when it comes to timely delivery. Because, they are aware that it means a lot to everyone in this industry. Their motto is, that they are always there when you need them.

Also, they have one of the best dispatch team ever. The way they work is to constantly maintain personal contact with their clients for full support whenever they have the need.

Furthermore, at CBase quality is a must and paperwork is processed in a timely manner. Moreover, as an experienced depot, CBase also provides loaded storage for customers that cannot take immediate delivery.

10. Northern Cargo Association

Northern Cargo is a shippers association. It is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company is founded and incorporated in 1950. Firstly, it was established by a group of retail and wholesale merchants. They wanted relief from the excessive freight charges on their LTL shipments.



Since the beginning, they started consolidating their shipments and were able to accomplish their goal. Today, Northern Cargo Association’s savings are of 75% – 80%. And, their commonplace on shipments come from Georgia and Los Angeles.

Northern Cargo is a not-for-profit association. So, it operates only as a shippers association.

Annually, Northern Cargo handles more than 50 million pounds of LTL freight. Their members are located in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin and are 250 and counting.

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All of their shipments are merged and forwarded, through contract truckload carriers. They are shipped into the Twin Cities where the goods are broken down at our warehouse.

Furthermore, these shipments are either distributed or placed on Will Call at their dock. Also, they offer direct vendor pick-ups. As well as volume or half-trailer loads from any of their consolidation points.


The list above shows one of the best Minneapolis trucking companies. There are many companies out there especially for Minneapolis. This would be just a starting point from where you can start your research. But, you will also see yourself that these 10 Minneapolis trucking companies are valuable ones.

We choose these ones according to their reviews as well as their annual revenue. If you are planning on working for any of them you might choose according to other standards. Maybe in that case you will like to check more about the working benefits etc. But, make sure they are a company that, such as these, would have a good reputation.



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