Top 10 Paying Trucking Companies In USA

Yet, on the other hand, the truck drivers who are part of Prime Inc. are enjoying high salaries.

In a way that affects the employee satisfaction, which is 3.6 out of 5. Also, by giving a median salary of $40.000 to their truck drivers, Prime Inc. can be ranked as 5th out of 10 top paying trucking companies in the USA.


Thereupon, if you are a truck driver who is in search for a new job, then you should know few facts and figures about Prime Inc.

Not only that it is among the top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA, but also this trucking company is providing paid training to their truckers. Further, the truck drivers that comprise the team of Prime Inc. are enjoying all benefits that they can ask for.


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As a truck driver for this trucking company, you can earn money, mainly because Prime Inc. has created many programs for Company Drivers and Independent Contractors.

6. Southeastern Freight Lines

Southern Freight Lines has incorporated over 60 years ago. Throughout the years this trucking company achieved to experience remarkable success which led this trucking company on the list of top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA.

Since day one, up until now, the truck drivers who are part of Southern Freight Lines are meeting and exceeding the needs of their customers, every single time.


A point often overlooked, is that Southern Freight Lines is providing the following load transportation services:

  • Regional LTL Service;
  • National Partnerships;
  • International Services;
  • Special Services;
  • Logistics Solutions;
  • Full Value Insurance;
  • Guaranteed Service;

An exceptional fact about this trucking company is that they never compromised about building a professional team of associates. All truck drivers who are part of this trucking company are highly trained, and always ready to serve their customers.

Have you asked yourself so far, how did this trucking company managed to keep their employee satisfaction on 3.6 out of 5?

Well, the answer is pretty much simple. Southeastern Freight Lines is a great place to work at. Each truck driver who is part of their team of drivers is receiving highly competitive benefits package to eligible full-time associates.

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Last, but not least, the median salary that Southeastern Freight Lines is providing to their truck drivers is $ Simply, there isn’t a doubt that this is one of the top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA.

7. UPS

You are all familiar with the brown trucks and uniforms of UPS. In a way, the employees of this company represent a feature of everyday modern life.

Therefore, UPS can proudly say that they have happy employees that stick around all the time. Thereupon there is a low turnover in this company, that is to say, if you are looking for an open job position then you will have to be patient.


I would like to reveal to you few interesting facts and figures about UPS, so it goes like this:

  • UPS is providing more than 45.000 one and two-day lines between metropolitan areas;
  • Regional, long-haul, and interregional transportation;
  • Minimal handling options at maximum speed delivery;
  • International coverage of NAFTA countries;
  • Temperature-controlled;
  • Consolidation and distribution;

Furthermore, there is a high demand from unemployed truck drivers to become a part of this leading company. That is mainly so, because, after all, UPS is ranked as 7th out of all top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA.

So, as I mentioned before if you are looking forward to being part of a fast moving environment, with more than good pay then you shall consider working for UPS.

8. Universal Truckload Services

Widely known as the largest and safest Owner Operator and Agency based truckload carriers, Universal Truckload nowadays represents one of the top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA. That is to say, Universal Truckload took the 8th place out of the top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA.

It is good to mention that Universal Truckload is part of the Universal Logistics Holdings. The Universal Logistics Holdings is a group that is constantly expanding their business. In fact, their organizational change has led them to serve their customers more efficiently.


Universal Truckload is serving all 48 states, including Mexico, and Canada as well. In regards of their owner-operator fleet, we can see that it features mainly flatbed trailers and trucks, specialized equipment for heavy hauling, reefer, oilfield, and over-dimensional transportation.


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By all means, this trucking company is specializing in providing logistics solutions based on handling and scheduling demands.

It is really rare to find a trucking company which has a 100% owner operator fleet to be ranked as one of the top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA.


Speaking of the success that this trucking company has achieved so far, I must mention that the most evident proof of that is their employee satisfaction- 3.5 out of 5. Thereupon, the median salary of these truck drivers is around $37.000.

9. United Road Services

United Road beside being one of the best auto transport companies, but it is also ranked as 9th out of the top 10 paying trucking companies in the USA.


But, what makes this trucking company the best?

Well, I will start with the fact that this trucking company is offering a variety of services and highly trained driving professionals. Their truck drivers are serving the:

  • Major Automakers;
  • Remarketers;
  • Financial Institutions;
  • Leasing Companies;
  • Auctioneers;
  • Dealers;
  • Single Individuals;

On the positive side, United Road can take a pride in stellar safety records and provide a great salary to their truck drivers. In general, the median salary of their truck drivers is around $83.000. And on the other hand, the employee satisfaction is 3.5 out of 5.



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