Top 10 Trailer Leasing Companies in Canada

Correspondingly, BenLea Leasing is offering advantages from their leasing services. Being available local and nationwide, they give you the flexibility to meet your demands.

More importantly, the company is helping their clients to eliminate their purchases and expenses which are applied to the equipment.


Regarding their trailer leasing services, BenLea Leasing is offering to fund for the trailers. In other words, once you complete the application you are led to the next step which is funding.

Notably, BenLea Leasing is a type of leasing company which is offering the following trailer equipment:

  • Dry Vans;
  • Reefer Trailers;
  • Storage Vans;
  • Flatbeds;
  • Dry Storage Solutions;
  • Mobile Warehousing;
  • Ocean Containers;

What makes the company even greater are their offers. For instance, the company is offering leasing financing services for all types of trailers. However, it is limited.


To continue with, they are doing all of this because they respect the importance of maintaining safe, transportation trailer solutions.

On the subject of this, one significant part of achieving this take the technicians. For this matter, they have an exceptional team of technicians which maintain the equipment.

10. Checker Flag Leasing

Checker Flag Leasing is among the independent trailer leasing companies in Canada. From day one it has been among the companies which craft unique lease, buy and rent solutions.

Continually, it is one of the best trailer leasing companies in Canada which helps other companies grow their businesses.

Their clients are their number one priority. Moreover, they have strong technology platforms which are an additional factor to their flawless trailer services.


Being a full-service provider of leasing solutions, they offer their customers superior service. To begin with the planning of the cargo, to delivery.

Having said this, the company offers the following trailer services:

  • Multi-Temp Reefers;
  • Dry Vans;
  • Refrigerated Trailers;
  • Intermodal and Chassis Trailers;
  • Heater Vans;
  • Storage Vans and Containers;
  • Specialized Equipment;
  • Pre-Owned Equipment;

As you can Checker Flag Leasing offers a wide range of trailer services. More importantly, their services are considered among the best, meaning you can trust them.


Being an example of company goals, Checker Flag Leasing is associated with the following Associations:

  • Ontario Trucking Association (OTA);
  • Toronto Trucking Association (TTA);
  • Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association (ATSSA);
  • Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (MVIC);
  • National Trailer Dealer Association (NTDA);
  • Used Car Dealers Association (UCDA);
  • Canadian Transport Equipment Association (CTEA);


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Sometimes, the reputation of a trucking company is linked with their associations besides their services.

Having said this, it is definitely one of the factors that clients consider before involving a certain trailer leasing company.


When it comes to choosing from the best trailer leasing companies in Canada, you need to do a thorough research.

To sum up, regarding your business needs, you need to consider the options, the financing, and the advantages.



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