Top 10 Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind

Truck drivers are leading a unique lifestyle, in such manner they are experiencing extraordinary and unusual events. Those events are bringing to the plate numerous trucker testimonials that will blow your mind.

Thereupon, I’m in the trucking industry for a long time, and straight proportionally I have come to meet numerous truck drivers and I had the chance to hear their story.

Also, I’m constantly in touch with the newest happenings in the trucking industry by following endless number of trucker forums.

So, speaking about that I came up with the idea to write an article about the top 10 trucker testimonies that will blow your mind. I went to doing that because not all people are familiar with the daily lives of truckers, and more importantly the unusual moments they are going through.

So let’s read and find out what these 10 trucker testimonies have to tell us!

Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind No.1: Truck Drivers’ Stop For Dinner Turns Into Emergency Delivery

You cannot even imagine what kind of trucker testimonies there are.

Many of them will blow your mind. This is one of those.

We know that truck stops are the best places where truckers can have some rest.

But were you aware of the fact that there are truckers who have some extraordinary testimonies to tell that have happened on the truck stops?

Actually many of us were not aware of that. Many people think that truckers are leading a difficult lifestyle, and every day that they are passing behind the wheel is the same.

Well, Truck Drivers’ Stop For Dinner Turns Into Emergency Delivery is a story about two truck drivers and a woman who goes into labor. It is pretty much dramatic.

So, it goes like this. A woman goes into labor and her sister is trying to go to a hospital, but she can’t wait.

Therefore, they are forced to stop at the truck stop diner where their mom is working. It is where the two truckers have experienced this extraordinary trucker testimony.

Believe it or not, the woman was having her baby at the dinner!

The two truck drivers, Peter and Fred went into action. Immediately they offered help to the woman in labor and helped her deliver her baby.

Actually it wasn’t all that easy. When the baby was half way out the problems began. So, when the baby came out it was blue. But, eventually few moments later the baby was okay and started crying!

Everyone in the dinner where cheering!

Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind No.2: Truck Driver Weight Loss Story

We are all well known with the fact that truck drivers due to the lifestyle that they are leading are facing with obesity, as well as with few health problems typical for truckers.

The only way that people who have dedicated their lives to this profession can improve their heath while still driving their Class 8 trucks is through improved nutrition as well as with constant exercises.


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Did you know that there are even exercises specially dedicated to truck drivers?

Hence, among all trucker testimonies that will blow your mind, I have come across to this one- Truck Driver Weight Loss Story.

The story is about Schneider Road Instructor.

Therefore, Mathew Meister has shared his incredible weight loss story with us.

His story not only that is outstanding but as well it is providing tips for truck drivers to lose weight and to keep it off while they are still on the road.

Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind No.3: Trucker Story: Suicide by Truck

Driving a truck is a unique experience which brings truckers a whole new point of view of the world. They get to experience new places and new friendships.

But, rarely truckers are experiencing as well unwanted situations.

For example, this is one of the trucker testimonies that will blow your mind in a negative way.

In fact, it is a recap of the worst night a trucker that has ever been behind the wheel of a semi-truck.

The truck driver witnessed a woman attempting to suicide herself by jumping in front of his loaded tractor trailer. That rainy night in Tennessee left some bad unforgettable moments that turned out into trucker testimonies that will blow your mind.

Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind No.4: Husband and Wife Truck Driver Stories Vlog

A lot of truck drivers believe that becoming a team truck driver is the only way to success. But in fact finding the best teammate is the biggest problem.

When truck drivers are looking forward to find a partner, they have to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Will they be able to trust the person?
  • Will they be able to switch shifts?
  • Do you think that your teammate is ready to stay awake when driving night shifts?

In most cases, the answer turns out negative. So, many truck drivers have found out the solution to start a team truck driving career with their loves ones. Such is the case with this trucker testimony.

Jade and John through their blog on YouTube are showing us what team trucking as husband/wife looks like.

If you just take few minutes of your time you will be in the situation to learn a lot from them. Everything about the pros and cons that this profession brings.

Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind No.5: 3 Things You Need To Know That Truckers Never Talk About

The nature of the trucking industry has made truckers to be pretty much open to conversation, to making new friends and to sharing their stories.

Yet, the trucker testimonies show that there are still things that truckers never talk about.

In fact, James and Andrea Steward who are husband/wife team drivers for Conway Truckload have started their own blog on YouTube where they are sharing their experiences. Also, they are very brave to speak about the things that truckers never talk about.



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