Top 10 Trucking Companies in Connecticut

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Connecticut

8. Andreucci Trucking Inc

With a fleet of temperature-controlled trailers, they are prepared to transport all of your products that require refrigeration.

They do it every day… and they do it very well! – is what they have to say about themselves.


Furthermore, they provide Hazmat as well as dry van services.

And with experienced drivers that have the experience to move sensitive loads and keep your investment dry and out of harm’s way, your goods will reach the right loading dock always on time!

So, you should definitely consider this company if you need one of the trucking companies in Connecticut! They provide outstanding services!

9. Coast To Coast Express

Since their incorporation in 1992, Coast to Coast Express has grown steadily each year in a controlled manner, slowly building and maintaining their strong customer base.

Kevin Fagan, as a founder and company president, has managed to assemble a strong experienced team, which can select customers that they can serve the best.

As a result of this successful strategy, their customers often refer them to their colleagues for the exemplary service standards that they receive from Coast to Coast Express.


The mission to Coast to Coast express is to always provide customers with reliable and trustworthy service at competitive price.

Furthermore, they meet and exceed all transportation, distribution and warehousing requirements, and together with the personalized services that they offer, you and your company can definitely benefit!


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2013 was the year when it made financial sense for Coast to Coast Express to go green!  Because they’ve installed a solar array that provides their electricity needs and allows them to sell the rest. Smart move I will say!

10. J P Express Services

Most noteworthy is the fact that JP Express is the Northeast’s premier regional LTL carrier, providing outstanding pickup and delivery service.

The company was founded by Joseph Pelosi in 1988. Ever since they open the doors, they mark nothing but success.

Another interesting fact is that this company start operating with two straight trucks back in the days and now they have over five hundred pieces of equipment operating through a network of five service centers. People recognize them by their 5 state-of-the-art service centers!

JP Express is proud of developing a culture of personalized service for all of their customers, regardless large or small!

Yet, at the same time, they are mastering the art of pickup and delivery within the Tri-state area.

Furthermore, their fleet includes:

  • 100 Tractors;
  • 50 Straight Trucks;
  • 250 Air Ride Trailers.

In addition, they have state of the art equipment; all trailers are Air Ride equipped while the Straight Truck and Tractor-Trailers are equipped with a hand truck and a pallet jack. Also, The majority of their equipment comes with a hydraulic lift gate.

JP Express is dedicated to becoming the industry’s best at serving customers. And honestly, they are not far from accomplishing that goal!

Furthermore, they provide a wide variety of specialized transportation services just so they can give you the services you need and deserve, and meet your expectations, no matter what it is.

Here is a hand full of some of the services that they offer:

  • Guaranteed Delivery Service;
  • Dedicated Delivery Service;
  • Special Lane Pricing;
  • Inside Delivery Service;
  • Liftgate Service;
  • Just-In-Time Deliveries;
  • Same-Day Pickup and Delivery Service;
  • Early AM or Late PM Pickup or Delivery Service;
  • Expedited Service and more.

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So, if you need one of the trucking companies in Connecticut don’t hesitate to call them! They will provide what’s best for you and your business needs!

Some Other Trucking Companies in Connecticut worth Mentioning

Seems like there are many trucking companies in Connecticut, but I’ve managed to squeeze in only what I think are some of the best trucking companies in Connecticut. Therefore the specter and the choices are far more than what you saw in this article!


And, with that said, here in this sub line, I would like to mention hand full more trucking companies in Connecticut that are worth the attention. Some of them are based out of Connecticut and some have a head office somewhere else but they serve in Connecticut as well.


So, here, I hope I can widen your choice with these few additional trucking companies in Connecticut. Some of them offer local services; some are dealing with OTR trucking, as well as flatbed truck services.


Therefore, if you ever come in a position where you need to use one of the trucking companies in Connecticut, you can give a try to some of this as well:


Moreover, let me say that this few additional trucking companies in Connecticut that I’ve mention are as good as the other trucking companies in the main list! I just had to go with the top 10 trucking companies in Connecticut for this article!


So, when it comes to trucking companies in Connecticut, the choice is pretty big! You can tell that there are many trucking companies in Connecticut that offer a wide and diversified range of support and services. What you have to do is to choose which one you prefer the best!

As with everything in life, my suggestion to you will be to be careful when you are choosing a trucking company! Do your homework good!  After all, you are choosing a business partner and you should be very careful with that! We are speaking business here! Don’t just look at the trucking company logos, look the cost too! The world of trucks is big!

Also, you should make sure that the trucking company you’ve chosen is indeed one of the top trucking companies in Connecticut, and will give you the necessary collaboration and support at best price!

Furthermore, check out through and through the reviews and the testimonials on their websites as well as on trusted sources like Yelp or Google. Also, check out the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC). I am sure they have a lot of useful information that will be of your interest!

And, remember when you’re checking out any one of the trucking companies in Connecticut; know what you’re getting into!

First of all, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see information’s related to the company, like their safety rating, truck accidents reports and such.

Have you used any trucking companies in Connecticut? Are you working for one, yourself? Maybe you own one of the trucking companies in Connecticut or perhaps you know someone that does?

What bits of advice will you give to people seeking for one of the trucking companies in Connecticut? We would like to hear from you, so please share your thoughts in the comment box below!



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