Top 10 Trucking Companies In Iowa

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Back in the 50’s this trucking company entered in the trucking industry with only one truck, which is a proof that if a trucking company is operating in accordance with the rules and regulations can achieve amazing results.

Thereupon, the fleet of Schuster is comprised of top quality trucks and trailers, as well this trucking company has in house maintenance facilities and Fuel Island.


Henceforth, this trucking company is operating in the following states:

  • Illinois;
  • Indiana;
  • Michigan;
  • Kentucky;
  • North Dakota;
  • Wisconsin;
  • Missouri;
  • Kansas;

Schuster trucking company is also known for providing the best working conditions for truck drivers. Their employees are taking competitive salaries, weekly settlements, as well as a paid license on a yearly basis. Yet one of the crucial things that their truck drivers are happy to enjoy is their home time- they are being home on most weekends.

As you can see there ain’t a doubt why Schuster is placed among the best trucking companies in Iowa. II highly recommend you their load transportation services.

5. TMC Trucking Company

TMC Trucking Company is part of the trucking industry since 1972; it has been incorporated by Harrold Annett. Moreover, TMC represents the largest privately held trucking company in Iowa.

As a premium flatbed carrier, this trucking company is providing only the best transportation services that can fit every customer needs. This trucking company has achieved enormous success in the trucking industry thanks to the standard barrier that they have set.

Yet, one more amazing fact about this trucking company is that it has its own training facilities. The dedication that TMC has for their truck drivers and their customers can be seen in many aspects.

In a view of the care that this trucking company is providing to their truck drivers can be seen by the additional fundamental trainings that they are obtaining, also by the trucks and trailers that they are operating with.


Simply said- the leaders of TMC are empowering their truck drivers to develop more innovative techniques in order to perfectly meet the demands of their customers.

So TMC can proudly say that they have the best truck drivers that are dedicated to their work, and more importantly that are honest and hard-working. Moreover, their driving force consists of the best quality trucks and trailers.

TMC with more than 40 years of experience represents a reliable load transportation provider.

4. Heart Land Express

Heart Land Express is a clear proof that if a trucking company strives to offer superior services can achieve enormous success in a short period of time.  Thereupon this is a trucking company that is providing the highest quality services to their customers.

Not only that, Heart land Express is at the same time flexible company that can offer custom made transportation services to their loyal customers.


As one of the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa, Heart Land Express also has internal quality relations between their employees, which enables their customers to get only superior services. 


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For the purpose of providing only the best transportation services Heart Land Express has composed a fleet that comprises only the best trucks and trailers.

Therefore if you are looking for a trucking company that is providing dedicated services to their customers, and that cares about safety of the loads, then you should take a look at Heart Land Express.

3. Hummer Trucking Company

Hummer Trucking Company is one of the best trucking companies in Iowa; what brought success to this trucking company is their dedication to its customers, altogether with the professionalism of their truck drivers.


This trucking company has more than 300 professional truck drivers that have obtained CDL drivers’ license, and that are able to handle every type of freight. Not only that, Hummer’s truck drivers are also one of the best-paid truck drivers in Iowa; this trucking company is awarding their truck drivers with competitive salaries.

Hummer Trucking Company is up to date with the latest innovations and tracking gadgets, each truck and trailer have installed tracking devices so that the dispatchers and the customers know the real time location.


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With Hummer Trucking Company you won’t have to worry whether your loads will arrive on time or not. Also, the truck drivers of this company are operating in accordance with the rules and regulations that are given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration- FMCSA.

In addition to the gadgets that this trucking company has implemented I must not forget to mention that Qualcomm MCP50 is their best choice; In fact, it is one of the best mobile communication and trucking gadget that they are using.

Also if you are a truck driver that is looking for a job opportunity- do not miss to pay a visit to the website of this trucking company because they are offering the best working conditions, altogether with the competitive salaries.

2. Crawford Trucking Inc.

Crawford Trucking was founded in the 90’s and although it is one of the newest trucking companies in Iowa, it can be ranked as one of the top in their field of service. Therefore, as one of the best trucking companies, Crawford is providing completely dedicated trucking services that are being done in the safest way possible, with on-time pickup and delivery.

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Thereupon if you are looking for load transportation that has to be done in the fastest way possible, then you should take this trucking company into consideration because it is offering time-sensitive load transportation services.

If we take a look at their team we can notice that it includes:

  • On-Time Pickup and delivery;
  • Safe and courteous truck drivers;
  • Highly trained staff;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Appointment Scheduling;
  • Satellite Tracking;

Thanks to the tracking devices that this trucking company is using their loyal customers can get updates on a regular basis about the location of their loads, as well as of the exact time when their loads are going to reach the final destination. So their customers can keep track of Crawford’s trucks 24hours a day/ 7 days a week.



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