Top 10 Trucking Companies In Rhode Island

Therefore, Central Transportation is privately-held with the main focus to create new industry business model. That business model when guided successfully can maximize the value to their customers.

Moreover, Central Transportation is collaborating with one of the world’s largest corporations. That is to say, this trucking company can be part of industries that include manufacturing processes, retail, and so on.



Well, since I say that this company is among the best trucking companies in Rhode Island, then it must be clear to you that it is operating with a large network of customer service centers. In fact, Central Transportation is operating with a network of 200 customer service centers.

Not to forget to mention, Central Transportation has expanded a lot in the last decades. Nowadays this trucking company has facilities across the largest 45 states. Not only that, it has also facilities in few Canadian provinces.



When it comes to their fleet, it is composed of reliable and well-trained truck drivers. Central Transport is operating with one of the newest and most durable trucks. Their trucks and trailers are equipped with the latest technology. In their cab, Central’s truck drivers can find the latest technology gadgets.

5. N & D Transportation Co. Inc.

If you are looking for one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island that are providing imports, exports, logistic services, as well as warehousing services, then you can take a look at N & D Transportation, because this company is providing all those services.

This trucking company is asset based. Therefore, N & D Transportation is providing numerous trucking services, such as:

  • LTL freight services;
  • Truckload freight services;
  • Third-Party Logistics;
  • Brokerage services;
  • Same day Delivery;


Not only that N & D is one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island when it comes to the security of loads, and time-efficient deliveries, but also it is known by its excellent freight rates. Customer satisfaction is what they aim for, and to be sincere they are achieving that throughout all these years.

You can enjoy the services that this trucking company is offering in the following areas:

  1. Rhode Island;
  2. New England;
  3. New York;
  4. Eastern Pennsylvania;


This trucking company is offering conventional as well as few specialized trucking services, but they can also provide to their client’s imports and exports, air, and ocean freight transportation, as well as consolidation and lift gate services.

6. M and G Trucking and Transportation

M&G Trucking and Transportation is part of the trucking industry for more than 20 years, and during all these years it has been and still is providing only the best transportation services.

By providing only the best transportation services M&G Trucking and Transportation has achieved to be ranked as one of the 10 best trucking companies in Rhode Island.



In general, this trucking company is transporting non-hazardous as well as non-perishable products. Also, M&G as one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island has also specialized in moving large machines and other irregularly sized items.

All truck drivers that compose the team of this trucking company are well-trained, educated, and all of them have obtained Class A CDL driver’s license altogether with the needed endorsements.

Thereupon, M&G can offer you both, local and distant deliveries. These deliveries besides by truck can be also performed by air ride, straps, pads, and load bars.

When it comes to safety, M&G can proudly say that they are leaders among all trucking companies in Rhode Island.



M & G is working very hard, and their work has led them to a constant improvement of their services as well as of the loads’ safety. Thereupon, each truck driver is, and must follow the rules and regulations that are issued by FMCSA, and the other motor carrier associations.

 7. Greylawn Foods

If you are in search for a trucking company that is providing warehousing as well as load transportation services, then you can take into consideration Greylawn Foods. In fact, this is one of the oldest trucking companies in Rhode Island, it is present in the trucking industry for almost 100 years.

It is a family-owned trucking company, more precisely these days it is run by the fourth generation of the Goldman Family. This trucking company has become the largest refrigerates and frozen LTL carrier in the Northeast.



Besides moving products Greylawn Foods is also providing help to manufacturers, so that they can solve without any problem the existing distribution and warehousing problems.

This trucking company is designing special programs and by that, they are achieving regional marketing objectives by delivering less than truckload in the meantime.

If we take a closer look at their refrigerated trucks, we can see that they are constantly keeping the temperature around 38 degrees. This trucking company has at their disponibility various types of reefer trucks.

The specialized services that this trucking company is offering includes:

  • Intermodal Drayage;
  • Warehousing;
  • Distribution;
  • Temperature Controlled TL and LTL;
  • Intermodal Marketing Services;
  • Tri-Axle Chassis;

8. East Coast Auto Transport

East Coast Auto Transport can be ranked as one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island thanks to the excellent service and reliable deliveries that their team is providing. It can also be considered as one stop shop for all of your auto transport requests and needs.

Therefore, if you are planning to move to another part of the country, then you can take this trucking company into consideration. It is way easier for you to find a quality auto transportation, then to drive all across the country. Not only that it is easier, but also it is cheaper.



This trucking company is your best choice because not only that it will provide you a safe and on-time delivery of your car, but also because it is licensed nationally by the Department of Transportation and Florida Motor Carrier Safety Administration.



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