Top 10 Trucking Companies in Tennessee

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Tennessee


The move into long-distance interstate carrier transportation was made with the deregulation of the U.S. trucking industry. Faced with the need of LTL services for their customers, they’ve started the serves of long-distance interstate carrier out of Memphis.

The company’s second beginning was marked when they purchased the first sleeper tractors.

Today, they have both company drivers and owner operators, and provide quality transportation for a number of companies.


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Some of the well known companies they provide with services are: Fedex Express, Toshiba America Consumer Products, Temple Inland, Sanyo Manufacturing, and Remington Arms.

They say that partnerships are their business! So don’t wait too long and partner with them! I am sure you won’t regret choosing them for your lifetime transportation provider!


At Ozark, you can rest sure that they will provide with on-time damage-free delivery of your products, always at competitive rates.

With fleet of over 700 tractors, and with satellite communications equipment in each and every truck, they haul your freight in the most time and money efficient way!

They can answer to all of your transportation needs and can safely carry your freight throughout the country.

6. Rtr Transportation

RTR Transportation Services is headquartered in Nashville, TN. They were established in 1995.

As full service transportation and warehousing company, they have respected place among the best trucking companies in Tennessee.


Some of the services that RTR provides are:

  • Nationwide truckload services;
  • Southeast regional flat bed service;
  • Local cartage;
  • Storage trailers;
  • Local flatbed and drop deck;
  • Cross dock and trailer rework; and
  • Container drayage within a 150 mile radius of Nashville.

They’ve been providing LTL carpet service between north Georgia and middle Tennessee for 17 years now!

Furthermore they offer warehousing and distribution services in some select markets in the southeast.


RTR has rapidly grown over the years! By making customers need a priority and by providing quality service at a competitive rates, no question why they are right there among the best!

7. First Express

Being under increasing pressure to be innovative, after seeing a trend developing in the transportation industry of businesses, Bill Keith started FirstExpress. It was established in 1994.

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He saw that many transportation companies was not able to answer to customers requirements and were becoming inflexible to customer needs.

In his eyes that was an excellent opportunity for creating a premium service carriers; a company that would adapt to and fulfill those needs.

Well, soon after he built that company! FirstExpress is a result of Bill’s vision of a better premium service carrier and his 50 + years of transportation experience.


They originally started with 13 trucks. Now days, 20 years later, they are still growing comfortably to their current fleet of more than 200 trucks.

FirstExpress are definitely one of the top trucking companies in Tennessee. They are headquartered in Nashville, TN and have employees in 15 states!

They value the contributions of their employees above all else because they know that without their hard work, they would not be in the position they are today.

Working with them, you will always know that “Jobs done right, at the right time, in the right way”.


They are “First in Quality and First in Service”- people say, so why not give them a call to see what they can do for you!

8. Charles Bailey Trucking Inc.

They are “A Trucking Company Dedicated to Your Success”.

As a service oriented trucking company, they believe that dictation to the needs of the customers is the driving force behind their business.


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Charles Bailey Trucking has a proven track record of always on time deliveries.

By  flexibility and dedication to customers’ success,  this company as on e of the best trucking companies in Tennessee, will continue supporting clients, regardless their changing needs.

“With over 26 years in the transportation industry, they continue to grow as a carrier that is large enough to serve, but small enough to be sensitive to the special transportation needs of each and every customer.”


That sensitivity and familiarity with the customer needs is what allowed them to constantly improve and continually expand the company.

Their full logistic capability allows them to handle all the transportation requirements of customers, including special trailers and services like:

  • Flatbeds;
  • Curtain sides;
  • Warehouse services;
  • Trucking, and
  • Expedite movements.

9. Western Express Inc.

Western Express, Inc. was created in 1991 through the leadership vision of Donna and Wayne Wise.

Though they have seen some ups and downs they have managed to maintain positive growth over the years.

Western express has now become one of the larger trucking companies in Tennessee, with annual revenue of over $$550 million.


This impressive development is  not a result of hard work only, but smart business practices too.

They are a service focused company; outstanding customer service is their priority! Meaning they understand that their customers is why they are able to be in business.


Western Express is very proud of their fleet and how it has grown over the decades. They now operate over 6500 trailers and about 2500 power units.

They use the latest in satellite fleet tracking and other state of the art equipment. To learn more check out their website.

10. Quickway Distribution Services LLC.

Steven George founded the Tennessee Cartage Company (TCC) in 1960. With those humble beginnings it grew from a dry freight business and expanded into perishables, such as meats and candies.

They were bought out in mid-80 by the Ryder Truck Company (which at that time was expending their business strategies beyond truck leasing). But, by the early 90’s TCC were sold again.


In order to stay competitive as one of the best trucking companies in Tennessee they consolidated the focus.

At the same time, they got rid of their refrigeration truckload and LTL, and some other divisions. Then Mr. George was able to purchase part of the company back, and it was renamed Quickway.



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