Top 10 Trucking Companies in West Virginia



Additionally, they have a functional fleet that is a benefactor in providing same day delivery:

Having the knowledge they respect the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules.

Owning the right equipment they provide safe and on schedule delivery services.

Buying the right technology, they have a shipment tracking to allow their customers track it and gain trust in them.

5. Murray Group

Why is it among the best trucking companies in West Virginia?



Besides this one, Murray Trucking encompasses four other trucking companies:

  • ACE Freight Lines
  • H & F Trucking
  • Transportation Services
  • Leasing

With attention to their solutions, Murray Group has primary and secondary service areas but it is originally headquartered in Chester WV.

Once the company has profited with their good flatbed loads, they have expanded their services and areas for delivering them.



Furthermore, they offer a driver training program and is limited. With this educational program, they are offering new truck drivers opportunity to learn and leave their driving fears behind.

However, there are certain requirements for those candidates:

Furthermore, it also has one of the best trucking company logos.

6. Ergon Trucking

Ergon Trucking is a world-class carrier that is striving in providing first-class services only. Having said this, the safety record truck driver awards they have received are a strong proof.

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Notably, Ergon Trucking has the focus on their customers. Having knowledgeable and cooperative employees they are exceeding every customer’s expectation.

Their customers say that not only is one of the most reliable trucking companies in West Virginia but in other areas as well.



To continue with, they have an entire team of experienced truck drivers that are hauling the freight safely and timely.

Due to their experienced team of employees, they have earned a quite satisfactory rating in the Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance.

Correspondingly, they have received the following awards:

  • National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC)
  • American Trucking Association (ATA)


Continually, they specialize in the hazmat transportation area. On the subject of this, if you want to work for one of the best trucking companies in West Virginia, there are certain requirements:

If you want to inform yourself how much a hazmat truck driver makes then you can contact Ergon Trucking.

7. Burns Motor Freight

Their story in the trucking industry began in late 1949. Their adventures on the road began with only one previously used Mack tractor from the year of 1948.

Although they have begun with only one truck, today they are one of the most successful trucking companies in West Virginia.



It has started as a family-owned business and remained the same until this day. They are always looking for professional truck drivers that will meet the vision they have in the trucking business.

In addition, they are working with the new equipment of Mack trucks. A new model truck is always an inspiration for the successful truck drivers.



Furthermore, their equipment is always checked and maintained by their team of technicians and diesel mechanics.

With this in mind, their services include:

Having said this, there is no a truck driver that wants to haul in an old truck that might leave him in the middle of nowhere.

8. Debarr Trucking Co Inc

Debarr Trucking is a family-owned trucking business which is founded in 1956. It has always remained like that and that may be the reason why they got the place among the best trucking companies in West Virginia.

Continually, Debarr Trucking is a company that specializes in dump truck transportation and is striving for the best customer service possible.



With this intention, their clients are gaining trust in them and their services every single time. Moreover, their customers are their motivation in order to become even better than they are.

Not to mention that with every transportation solution they are striving for quality, reliability and equally important, affordability of their services.



Furthermore, their services include:

  • Bank Run Sale and Delivery
  • Blacktop Hauling
  • Dirt Hauling
  • Limestone Sale and Delivery
  • Residential Service
  • River Gravel Sale and Delivery


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Additionally, their team of truck drivers is experienced enough to provide delivery the same day. Likewise, their employees have the knowledge as well as expertise in premium customer service.

9. R + L Carriers

Additionally, R+L Carriers are one of the best trucking companies in West Virginia because they do their job on a highly professional level.

In addition to this, they specialize in LTL, Truckload and Logistics services.



Speaking about their services, they have a wide range of them. For instance:

  • Expedited/ Business Critical
  • Truckload Expedited
  • Refrigerated
  • Intermodal
  • Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Project Management


Besides they have an interesting website that traps you into finding out more about their services. Concerning this, once you find out you start using them.

R + L Trucking is allowing you to trust them with your freight. More importantly, they provide the fastest, the friendliest and probably the most affordable transportation.

Having said this, these are the benefactors that got them to be favored by the customers. Further, having satisfied customers is one of the best ways to be ranked as one of the best trucking companies in West Virginia.

10. Estes Express

To begin with, the name says it all. They provide exceptional express services. Having the service as one of their goals, it is what led them among the best trucking companies in West Virginia.



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