Top 12 Commercial HVAC Companies In Illinois

Did you know that the performance of your HVAC systems affect your business?

Well, surprisingly or not the answer would be positive.

To begin with, properly maintained HVAC systems means lower energy bills, fewer repair expenses as well as reduced down time.

Yet, you will have to pay attention to the fact that in commercial buildings the employees are more productive and have fewer absences when the building is built up to the next level of energy performance. Simply it brings benefits to everyone.

So, in order to achieve that and make your business more effective, you will have to come in touch with the best commercial HVAC companies in Illinois.

Let’s find out which the top 12 commercial HVAC companies in Illinois are!

1. Four Seasons

Four Seasons is one of the leading HVAC companies in Illinois.

As such, Four Seasons is dedicated to customer service. Actually, it was their exceptional customer service which helped this company achieve their goal. Through that, this company has grown from a one man and one truck company into becoming one of the leading HVAC companies.


Simply said, Four Seasons is a HVAC company that is working upon the principles of honesty, excellence and integrity.

In addition, Four Seasons is a family owned and operated business.

The employees of Four Seasons stand behind their work. Every work that they are performing is done in the most exceptional way.


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They can help you with heating, cooling, plumbing as well as duct cleaning services.

Nowadays Four Seasons is operating with a fleet of over 350 vehicles and a staff of nearly 500 employees. Their main office is located near the Midway airport in the heart of the South Suburbs.

2. Confident Aire

The mission of Confident Aire is to provide exceptional and innovative products and services to their customers, at fair prices of course.

It was their mission and accomplishment of their promises that have places Confident Aire amongst the top 12 commercial HVAC companies in Illinois.

Moreover, as one of the leading commercial HVAC companies in Illinois- Confident Aire is installing the best air conditioning systems for overall reliability, energy efficiency as well as comfort.


In addition, it is also one of the oldest commercial HVAC companies- it has been incorporated back in 1992.

Also, Confident Aire is Trane Comfort Specialist, and as such they can guarantee to install the best air conditioning systems. Their services include plumbing, cooling and heating.

Hence, Confident Aire is striving to meet the unique needs of each client. They are doing so by fair assessment, integrity and total honesty.

Last but not least, they are providing their services to the residents of Batavia, Illinois as well as in the surrounding area.

3. Allied Air Conditioning and Heat Corp.

Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp. was established back in 1969, so it makes it to be at the same time one of the oldest and one of the best commercial HVAC companies in Illinois.

Moreover, they can make even the most brutally cold winters, hot summers and unbearable humidity smooth for you. They know exactly how to handle it all.

Yet, Allied Air Conditioning and Heat Corp. is providing their services across Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Inverness and Hoffman Estates, Illinois.


In addition, as one of the best commercial HVAC companies in Illinois, Allied Air Conditioning and Heat can tailor the solutions to your exact challenge. Their resources are at you’re your disposal at all times. Right away you will see that they can ensure you with a prompt response, rewarding results and quick turnaround.

As well, it is good for you to know that Allied Air Conditioning and Hear Corporation is an ACCA- Air Conditioning Contractors of America member. As such it is committed to industry and service excellence.

4. Bratcher

Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning has been a real leader in the cooling, heating as well as geothermal contractor in central Illinois.

The prime serving point for Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning has been the Bloomington, Campaign Urbana and Peoria markets.

In addition, as one of the best HVAC companies in Illinois it is a leader installer of GeoComfort geothermal systems in the United States. As well they can take pride in being a Lennox Premier Dealer. As Lennox dealers they are really committed to excellent customer satisfaction.


What adds up more to their success is the constant repeat calls and customer referrals.

Moreover, they are also offering repair services and a planned maintenance package.

Have in mind that a regular maintenance can prevent the need for repairs. That way you will save yourself some money too.

Nonetheless, Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with all of your heating and cooling needs.

5. ELM Heating and Cooling INC.

ELM Heating and Cooling can help you stay cool without breaking the bank!

To begin with, ELM Heating and Cooling can provide you with installation of a number of different air conditioning brands and models. Simply said, they have the perfect solutions to fit your needs.


Moreover, ELM offers you the following:

  • Central Air Conditioners- these remain to be the most common type of cooling system- which is no surprise frankly.
  • Packaged HVAC Units- a centralized air conditioner or heat pump with all of the components in a single box. It works without any separation of indoor and outdoor units.
  • Heat Pumps- heat pumps do work in a similar way as air conditioners are. The heat pumps have the capacity to reverse the flow of refrigerant- it will allow your home to cool during summer and to heat during winter.
  • Ductless Mini Splits Systems- Are heat pumps that use multiple compact indoor units installed directly in the living and workspace;

6. Comfort Services Heating & Air Conditioning

Comfort Service Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the best commercial HVAC companies in Illinois. This company is also active in helping the community by providing them services with integrity and honesty.



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