Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

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Henceforth Truck Racing: Grand Car Transporter will allow you to choose which vehicle you want to drive, your options will vary from driving multiple sports cars up to speed grand trucks.

19.Car Transporter Trailer Truck- City Cars Supplier

Car Transporter Trailer Truck-City Cars Supplier is among the best truck driving games , this game has made the environment and off road mountain paths in the most realistic way possible.

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

The big vehicle carrier trucks will challenge you to learn how to play and drive the routes that are given in this game in the most professional way possible. As a truck driver in this game you will have to transport all different kind of vehicles like:

  • Classy Racing Cars;
  • Sports Cars;
  • Police Cars;

Not only that you will be able to do a car transportation, but also you will have to perform the pickups and to drive the cars onto the trailer. The driving simulator 3D is what makes this game extraordinary- you will drive through realistic hills, as well as inside cities.

The only way that you can play successfully this truck driving game is through not risking the safety of the vehicles that you are transporting.

18.Quarry Driver Parking Simulator

Quarry Driver Parking Simulator is one of the best truck driving games, still being among the best truck driving games doesn’t mean that it is also the easiest to play. Like it is in reality- the driving of Monster Trucks is one of the most demanding and difficult trucks to be driven.

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

This is like no other truck driving game- the Quarry Driver Parking Simulator will take you through a 3D driving experience or to put it in other words, it will allow you to experience seriously exciting truck ride.

The features that Quarry Driver Parking comprises are the following:

  • 3 New Monster Trucks ;
  • Designed challenges that will put you on test of your driving skills;
  • Accessible Control Methods;

Likewise you will have to drive the Monster Truck through rough routes that have bumps, loose gravel, and if you drive the truck with caution know that you will gain more skills and points at the same time.

17.Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads

Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads is among the best truck driving games, also it is the newest and biggest trucks simulator 3D game. If you love playing truck driving games that take place in several locations in USA , in that case this is the perfect match for you.

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

Moreover,this truck driving game is offering you designed trucks to drive, additionally to the designed trucks you will be enabled to drive through different locations, to experience the Route 66 in Texas.

This is one of those games that will surprise you with the diversity of loads, you will be in the position to pickup and deliver 30 different cargo types. As well you will be able to pick different kind of trailers for different kind of cargo.

Hence, Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads will shape you in the best trucker in the American Trucking industry, by playing this amazing and demanding game you will experience the adventure of your life time.

16.Real Truck Driver

Real Truck Driver as one of the best truck driving games will take you in on routes in 3 different cities. This trucking game will allow you to:

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

Moreover, playing this game will bring you satisfaction by playing in excellent graphics, and realistic environment. As I mentioned before this game has included 3 cities which makes it even more interesting to play since it has endless game scenario.

Realistic and brand new trucks altogether with the realistic traffic will get you to addictive playing of this truck driving game.

15.3D Truck Driving Simulator

3D Truck Driving Simulator is one of the best truck driving games and its perfect for the ones that love playing trucking games. You will be able to drive trucks in different routes and in different weather conditions.

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

3D Truck Driving Simulator you will experience mountain valleys, hill climbing, while in the background are featured different driving scenes like:

  • Beautiful snow;
  • Rainy scenes;
  • Night Scenes;
  • Evening Driving Scenes;

Likewise this trucking game also features :


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  • Beautiful mountainous tracks with speed breaker;
  • Loads of Cargo;
  • Multiple trucks that you can drive;
  • Steering Options;
  • Multiple Camera Views;

14.18 Wheels Truck Driver

Being one of the best truck driving games 18 Wheels Truck Driver allows to its players the ultimate variety of truck driving options. As a truck driver in this game you will be driving 18 wheeler truck, which is not easy thing to do since it needs a lot of maneuvering to do in order to operate with it. With this truck driving game you will test your driving skills and you will build better gaming skills.

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

Therefore, this trucking game features :

  • 3D Parking;
  • 4 different types of trucks;
  • Real life parking solutions;
  • Extreme precision simulator;
  • Realistic Controls;

18 Wheels Truck Driver 3D might become one of your favorite truck driving games, its 3D settings will be available in each level. Also it is among the most challenging truck driving games, it demands complicated and detailed parking solutions altogether with growing challenges.

13.Desert Truck Lite

Desert Truck Lite is one of the best truck driving games, generally this game was made in order to meet the novelty purposes. That is to say this truck driving game has no ending but still it is really challenging. The people that have made this game are now working on its upgrade that should include several game stages and additional challenges.

Top 25 Best Truck Driving Games You Can Buy

Thereupon, Desert Truck Lite is featuring the following things:

  • Odometer which is being backed up online;
  • Real time day cycle;
  • Pine-scented air freshener;



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